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snowmelt sucks

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Here in Aspen the micro climate has changed
over the past several years, there seems to be
a lot less snow falling in and around town. We call it the Aspen doughnut because it seems to
be snowing everywhere but in town and the mountain. With the unfortunate explosion of building here all these new people building 4th or 5th homes are putting in snow melt on their
driveways. Which my friends and I are beginning to formulate into a theory that all this snowmelt is responsible for our lack of snow.

We theorize that the heat rises up and drives away the snow as well as pissing off the snow gods. How do we tell these SUV driving fools that their snowmelt is #@%&*ing up our skiing!
And why have they taken the attitude that snow is bad, when in fact if you move to a mountain town
you should worship snow, desire heeps and heeps of snow, at least in the winter. What can we do??
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Would you rather have our illegal immigrants and gangstas? It's very hard to sympathize with your plight. Why not cash out and live elsewhere?
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How about we get the gangsters in to drive these people out, and then let me in...


P.S. What exactly is "snowmelt"? :

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Oh c'mon, pyramid. Hasbeen is a town that's always, been driven by dorks - the celebs, whatever.

You know what you can do? Make some bumper stickers and sell 'em to locals. Something like, "Bastards go home."

Besides. If you really love skiing, Hasbeen is not the place to be.

Ajax is way overrated. Nothing but double fall lines and short pitches. I will agree that Highlands rocks and Snowmass is, a good, but not great, mountain.

But Highlands is no better than Abasin - on a good snow year. In fact, I'd go as far as to say Abasin is a better mountain, when there's snow. But I love Highland Bowl, no doubt.

I've never skied Snowmass, but it hardly compares to Copper. Copper, buries Snowmass on all fronts. More high speed quads, more terrain, and the mountain is far better, from a design point of view.

Hasbeen is not about skiing - it's about T&A and worshipping the Golden Calf. That town is full of nothing but shallow bastards and it's been that way for as long as I can remember. I'm 43 and a CO native.

Myself. I hope Hasbeen keeps losing money hand over fist. Maybe then, they'll figure out that skiing and customers, are what's important.

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Ever heard of the Urban Heat Island? Maybe you have a small scale version of it.

By the way, what is snowmelt? Do you mean heated driveways, or just a chemical de-icer? Either way I doubt it matters.
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We love you too TheRockSkier.
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Originally posted by TheRockSkier:
What do you expect in a repugnantly arrogant isolationist maverick country that reviles any sort of global environmental initiative in favour of giant industrials poisoning the land and air.

You reap what you sow.
Last I heard the Alps weren't doing too well either. Must be your namby-pamby internationalist spineless continent, willing to see 10s of thousands of people raped and murdered in your own backyard, useless half measures hypocrisy.
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chemtrails Is the Goverment controlling the weather? :
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SCSA, not only am I a Colorado native but the family have been here for over 100 years, not in Denver but on the Western slope! By your comments I know that you are not much of a skier and are very unimformed about Colorado, too bad your ego clouds your judgement.
Yes we here in Aspen call our home hasbeen, but it was once a pretty amazing place, before the hordes of Californians, Texans and New Yorkers.

My original topic was snowmelt and the point was if you come to the mountains you should want snow, have to work with snow, ie shovel the stuff, but as usual you take things off topic, SCSA. Aspen was full of great people with a love of the mountains not shallow bastards, there are plenty of creeps here now, chasing the almighty dollar.

Copper, come on that mountains is so boring I haven't been there in years. Colorado skiing is all over rated, unless you are intermediate skier, there are only a handful of great ski areas in North America, and two are in Canada. Maybe you are just a little grumpy SCSA.
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Hey milesb, we have had, and this is according to our local paper, over 10,000 illegal aliens move here in the past 3 years. And this is a small area. Too bad rich people don't seem to care about their country much. Gangstas, I'm sure we'll see them soon.
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You already do- they're on snowboards.
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Originally posted by SCSA:
I'm 43 and a CO native. - And I AM CLUELESS DORK!

1st of twelve steps for SCSA
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Thank you SHREDHEAD!
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What do you expect in a repugnantly arrogant isolationist maverick country that reviles any sort of global environmental initiative in favour of giant industrials poisoning the land and air.

You reap what you sow.
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