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Boy, did he blow it

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Reported in the "NY Post," October 2:

An investment banker with an office at the World Trade Center was comfortably tucked away at his mistress' apartment, out of touch with the world, early on the morning of September 11. At 10 AM, his frantic wife finally got through to him on his cell phone. "Where are you?!" she screamed. "In my office, where else?" he replied testily.

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at which point he WISHED he'd been in his office, a line which brings up the idea of When it is "okay" to start busting jokes. For many, it's a coping mechanism.
Went to see some stand-up comedy this weekend and was curious going in how the stuff would play. I've seen some pretty BAD stuff, really poor taste, etc., get okayed - nobody jumps on it too much, maybe a groan or "hey now" - but it was pretty much off-limits the other night. two comics tried going there before getting a collective "warning" that it might not be a good idea. they backed off.
basically, ended up with some good old-fashioned "them-beating"(THEY being ANYbody remotely arab). guess that was the safe angle.
and some poignant stuff on the collective rush to surrender rights to privacy.
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