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SkierX to make an olympic debut in 2006..?

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I just saw this on salomon's site, but it seems as though SkierX is gonna be in the next next winter olympics?...anyone confirm?
From the Salomon Site:
Skier-Cross is skiings fastest growing sport. About three years ago skier-cross became a recognized formal competition in the US and around the world. Skier-Cross’s format mirrors that of motocross, 4 – 6 skiers compete in “motos” head to head. The sport is fresh and due for a 2006 Olympic debut.

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cool. snowllerderby. i DO like watching that. be curious to see how it evolves, esp. as far as the course variations.

this stuff

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I don't see that happening, and if does I'm sure it will be demonstration event at first. I like skiercross, but FIS/IOC will dictate what goes in and I doubt they'll support it. Besides, when have you heard of a national team for skierx?
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you haven't. yet. like it or not, if it's skiing and the younger crowd is goin' for it, you'll see a push to get it legitimatized, if it isn't already. i'm guessing there were enough people who were sure snowboarding would never become an olympic sport. skiers racing against a clock AND each other is very tv-friendly, which means $$$, which means leverage.
maybe i'm missing the obvious but why WOULDN'T this became "official"? it IS skiing, it IS competition, and there's nothing "goofy" about it except that it's (relatively) new.
just as the resorts saw big(ger) money in constructing the parks (if you build it, they will come), so will - my prediction - skiercross have its effect.
(leading inevitably to SkierJousting.)

philth, not trying to be adversarial, just wondering why you think it wouldn't fly.
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I can see it happening in two ways. First, it might be an exhibition sport which is usually the first step towards formal recognition. The other is they might rush through the approval of skier-cross to placate the TV networks & corporate sponsors who are paying big bucks to the Olympic committee (which is one of the biggest group of whores on the planet). For the Atlanta Olympics they rushed through sand volleyball due to TV pressure.
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I like it! As much as I love bump skiing, I think SkierX is more fitting for competition because there are no judges. First across the line wins.

I've had a distaste for judged events since the 1994 (?) Winter Olympics. While watching the incredibly boring figure skating competition with my wife, I heard the announcer say "The reason he got such a high score after falling on all those jumps was because the judges saw him nail them in practice and they know he can do those jumps." Give me a break.

I also cringed when I heard some gymnastics team was penalized because the judges didn't like the girls leotards.

I'm not saying that bump skiing doesn't belong in the Olympics; it's my favorite event! I'm just glad to see the potential for another non-judged skiing event like SkierX.
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I hear they are going to have demolition derby at the next summer Olympic.

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Safety first.
Restrict the event to Siamese quadruplets and sextuplets, please
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I doubt it. IOC is alking about shrinking the games not expanding them.

The its popular & all the kids love it argument is null & void to the sport's governing bodies, why dont we see a 1/2 pipe for skiers or inverted tricks in the mogul events?
neat sport but Salamon seems to have their cart before their horse.

but i would to if I sponsored all the top skier xers. mmmm..... Megan Brown..... : :
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If you've watched the short-track speed skating, in concept it's not unlike skier-x,or roller derby for that matter, and has been an olympic event for a long time. so there's the precedent. Do they have to delete events? it seems like more just keep getting added?
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As fun as it is riding cross courses yourself, I don't see it becoming an Olympic sport. You can't just include every popular event in the Olympics and the current IOC head is trying to reduce the number of events anyway.

Also Salomon say the event is 'due' for inclusion, not 'scheduled' for inclusion. This is just their opinion and they did not say anything was being done about it. I think that the comment was really there to help market their Cross skis and define them as a separate and specialised category of skis.
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Just be thankful that SkierX wouldn't be a summer sport! There's no room in the Summer Games after the Aussies added Ballroom Dancing.
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