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Stoeckli Race Stock

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Hey, I started a thread about this a while ago..but no ones bumped it up.
I'm looking for a way to get Stoeckli Laser GS/Sl skis for the upcoming season. If anyone knows a line on a rep/dealer on the east coast please help me out....these skis seem very hard to find.
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Are you willing to accept someone in the middle of the country who can ship? I know a new Stockli dealer who may be able to get these...
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Yeah , that would be great. You can PM me if you want to keep the thread clean.
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I'd offer to bring some over, but I'm not bringing a ski bag this year (thank god). I'd be really surprised if you couldn't score some from the local rep, wherever you are. Most ski schools I've worked for have someone in the locker room who reps Stockli. anywya, looks like SSH has found you someone. There's a Stockli rep at Stowe, too. (And he's French so he might end up excommunicated!).
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Ant, I appreciate the offer. Hopefully ssh has found me a rep..i'm still waiting to hear back from him. I know there were two reps on the east coast, and one passed away.
If anyone has any more info please post. I'll be away untill sunday , so please post and i'll respond asap.
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Good folks here.


^Beat me to it.
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PM sent to store owner. You may hear from him directly...
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Thanks a lot guys! I got a PM from a member, I dont know if he is the owner of the store, but he is part of Stockli USA which is definatly a good thing.
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Lionel Hering, Happy Tunes, Carrabassett Valley, ME 207-235-TUNE

happy@tdstelme.net Lionel has been a Stockli rep for many years and seems to have good connections for getting what you need.
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