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Volkl AC3 Deals?

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I'm looking to buy a pair of Volkl AC3's 170cm, I demoed them last season and absolutely love them. I seen last years model on ebay between 550 and 675 depending on the binding. Does anyone know where I can get a better deal? Also, is it worth the extra money to get the fancier binding?
I'm planning on skiing at least 10 times this season, I live in Ct so I would be going up to Mt Snow or Killington mostly, I like to ski the groomers but also like to venture out in the soft stuff when it's there. I'm 5'11, 165lbs and an intermediate skiier. Any help would be appreciated.
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You should be able to find some in shops for that price if not less. The 07 is a new ski, so the 06's should be able to be had for less. The 170 is a popular size though. My suggestion, if you find them even close to 500 jump on them.
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