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Skis For Wife Question

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I'm trying to pickup a new pair of skis for my wife and am thinking along the recreation carver line - RX6/8, Izor 9.7, etc. She's a ~125# intermediate (i.e. can get the skis up on edge and occasionally carve, will ski average single blacks but prefers blue, strong preference from groomers, occasional bumps) currently skiing on some 150cm cheapo Dynastars that owe us nothing. East Coast with the annual weekly trip to the West. Absolutely no interest in spending time demoing - it's also hard to find places in the East.

What length should be thinking about for a recreational carver? I'm thinking 150-160 but am open to suggestions. I like the idea of the woman's skis but they're tough to find on ebay.
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Take a look at the K2 One Luv or the True Luv in a 160CM size range.
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Ditto, Women seem to luv the "luv's"
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I have a line on some Burnin Luv's in a 160, New in the wrapper. PM me for info.
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