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Fun with Google...

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If you're a member of snowHeads, you can read about it here...

If not...

Google "(your name) looks like"

Don't forget the quotation marks, and replace (your name) with your first name.

Then post some of the results here.

Here's some of mine:

... looks like favourite
... looks like a last-resort
... looks like he has had one to many Big Mac's
... looks like a man with momentum
... looks like a cute Borders' Book employee
... looks like an improvement

You can also go for "(your name) needs" or "(your name) wants to"

for me:
... Wants to Be Resentenced
... wants to preach a give-and-take attitude
... wants to join the flex men
... wants to discuss distortion
... wants to be the voice of reason
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That fool Robert looks like a mad scientist from Germany.

Robert looks like he just found out he has herpes.

Yea your right Robert looks like he was giving it a GOOD YANK in that shot don't it!!!!!

ok, robert looks like he's high in that picture...anybody else agree?

And of the Carnival crew, I can at least say that Robert looks like Laurence Fishburne in the Othello days.

And Robert looks like a crazed murderer in that one pic. O_O

... robert looks like he's crazy in love with katie, but sigh, i know its only press pix ...

Robert, looks like your fans are growing.

Robert looks like Harrison Ford, though.

Robert looks like he's just been working on a farm or something but manages to look handsome even when scruffy.

Robert looks like he's on crack again.

I think Robert looks like an uglier, darker-haired version of the guy who played the oldest brother on Blossom.

Robert looks like he’s eaten at one diner too many.

Robert looks like a little imp, with his big black eye brows and dark curly hair growing in.

Hi Robert, Looks like you are using libumem?

Robert looks like a fish-eyed fool, doesn't he? C'mon admit it. C'mon, you know he does.

Robert looks like Eminem after Joe Pesci put his head in a vice, Casino style.

Robert > Looks like the ramen worm got ya.

Robert looks like he could use some psychological reenforcement, a pep talk, or another five minutes.

Nationally of course, Robert looks like a complete dork.


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Mine are kinda disturbing...

Kevin looks like he's in pain
Kevin looks like death
Kevin looks like he's going to snap his bat in half
Kevin looks like a scumbag

And those are all on the first page of hits! :
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Cool. According to Google, the new standard for shared reality, I'm a French, beard-wearing, club-hopping, goatee-sporting, scowling, cigar-smoking, greed-mongering, bench-pressing kinda guy. That, or I look like a gay Steve Martin.
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ssh; looks like bind is to blame
ssh looks like DOS
SSH looks like a Dec VAX operator's console from the late 1970s
ssh looks like a normal (albeit a proxy) X server
ssh looks like it might be simple
ssh; looks like that one is my fault
SSH? Looks like an oversight
ssh looks like a permission problem

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John looks like something out of Deliverance

John Looks Like a Lady

John looks like a sweet ride

John looks like a Rumanian refugee

John looks like he is testing his new rear springs

John looks like he’s about 5’8’’

John looks like a young Robert Redford
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Do I really need to go any further than this one?

"lonnie looks like a quesadeya yo your a fricking porn star ?
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Too funny! And disturbingly relevant....
- looks like she just got her top row of teeth and she's still adjusting.
- looks like someone punched her in the mouth, but I still think she is pretty
- looks like a jockey in training with a Prince Valiant haircut
- looks like she has medium strawberry-blonde hair, and dresses in things from Hot Topic
- looks like Carrot Top when she wakes up in the morning... yeah it's that scary.
- looks like a poor man’s Katie Underwood, which is sad when you think about it.
- looks like Little Bo Peep at the rally. Except she doesn't have a staff and a herd of sheep.
- looks like the more obvious candidate for rescue and survival
- looks like she might just pass out from hunger right then and there.
- looks like she's ready for long conversations or hikes in the woods or slow, languid sex on cool afternoons.
- looks like the friggin lotus woman, Celine Deon, waving her arms as if she is chasing bugs while singing!
- looks like a sweet and innocent young lady on the surface.
(oh, and there are others, but I thought it might get flagged for inappropriate content)
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I'm a google stump.
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These are the best of the lot...

Kathy - looks like Capt Kirk....

Kathy looks like an old british nanny...

Kathy looks like a drunk and so does her husband...

Kathy looks like a rich suburban transvestite, happily living out her golden years wearing tacky clothing and riding around on *****-shaped floats, ...


Kathy looks like a dowdy, ashen housefrau
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I did the "Kevin wants" and "Kevin needs" variations:

Kevin wants to take Britney & Family on a cross-country trip
Kevin wants to launch his own record label
Kevin wants to be adored and worshipped like the royalty he feels he is
Kevin wants to be the first cyborg

Kevin needs more beer
Kevin needs to be locked up
Kevin needs to get pimp lessons :
(and my personal favorite): Kevin needs your money.

Please PM me for details if you want to contribute to that last entry.
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Google didn't give me any results. That's the downside of unusual names.
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Richard thinks there is a chicken monster on the loose

Richard thinks of his God given talents as melodies in his head that must escape in the form of musical compositions.

But when Richard thinks that his bad luck has changed, fate proves otherwise. ...

Probably because Richard thinks he's "Jack the Lad".

Richard thinks astrology is bunk, and he is determined to keep any stargazer from interfering with his work.

When paranoid brother Richard thinks the storekeeper is signaling the Ranger, the scene ends in a bloodbath and conflagration.

Richard thinks it’s cool that someone did a theme song for his segment, but he wishes they hadn’t used such distorted instruments. Adam says that he’s sure Richard thinks of that song as acid rock, but to the rest of us, it’s more of a finger-popping ditty.

The three leave the courtroom. Richard thinks he was "in the zone."

Richard thinks you're a marvel (which of course you are!) I wanna be a marvel too! What's something marvelous I can do?

Richard thinks she's talking about the stripper and assures her that it wasn't his idea.

Richard thinks that Google has become hated, much as was Microsoft a few years back.

Curious what Richard thinks about market events? Ask Richard!

Richard thinks he's Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and George Harrison all rolled into one.

Richard thinks Shakespeare was a terrible writer but loves Mamma Mia! because he “understood every word.”

Richard thinks it will make her his girlfriend, Florence thinks it will make her a prostitute.

Although Richard thinks this man is nuts, the junkie does have an interesting story to tell our young hero.

Above all, though, I love the way Richard thinks outside the box.
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Tops the list -

Tag: looks like any old white kid that can't jump....
Tag: looks like a rainbow
Tag: looks like Lucifer
Tag: looks like the man for me
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Actually pretty fun....

nerd thinks Excel is fun.

nerd thinks he has what it takes to become class president.

nerd thinks she's dishonorable and yells alien obscenities at her, telling her she should have just been upfront.

nerd smells like Doritos , bad breath , and Noxema.


nerd thinks about Star Trek.

nerd hates being called a trekkie because trekkies are more "extreme" with their obsession.

And last but not least-

nerd loves Legos

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4th results in "Josh Matta looks like"

Josh Matta 1st steelcities Street Modified

"Josh looks like"

josh looks like seth enslow?
Joshua, looks a lot like my sister, too.
Josh looks like a 9-year-old
Josh Looks Like Crap By the way,
Josh looks like a young man with greatness in his future
Josh looks like a ferret.
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