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I am looking at getting a new pair of Twin Tips. I ski allot of Bowls, Moguls, and some trees in Colorado, about 35-40 days a year I would like to get into the park this year as well. I am 6' 175lbs, and live in Colorado.

I have read allot and have done research and believe I have narrowed it down to the Volkl Karma's, the Line Chronic's, and the K2 Public Enemy's

I respect allot of your opinions and always have good insight.

I have heard the Karma is a great ski, but is it worth the price difference compared to the other alternatives. Line binding systems are unreliable at best, and mixed reviews on the PE.

Looking for insight
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I have the PEs, but if I didn't, I would consider the Karmas.

In terms of bindings, I'd put Rossi/Look ones on.

(oh, and welcome to EpicSki!)
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I'll cast a vote for the PE's as I think they're one of the best TT skis on the market in terms of price and performance. My oldest son is on his 3rd pair and just loves them. He's about 6'1" 200lbs.

We ski Colorado every year and his favorite terrain is bumps and trees. The PE seems to do well in all conditions including hardpack.
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Does anyone know the difference between the '06 and '07 Karma, and Chronics?
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