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Fiba WC - spoiler inside

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So Greece won against the US 101/95 in the semi final of the FIBA WC.
What happened to the dream team of the '92 JO ?!
After those last years defeats of the US in world cup and olympics, I really feel that the specific NBA rules (no zone defense, timing...) and way of playing (emphasis put on individual skills rather than collective play) are now holding US players back.
I'm loosely following basket ball championships both in Europe and in the US, and I now find European basket more interesting to watch, more elaborate. It was not the case 10 years ago.
Anyone with an opinion on the issue ? Am I correct when I feel that the quality of the play in NBA has lowered ?
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What a bummer.....thought this team would take the championship. I don't think the quality of play has gone down in the NBA but that the players in the rest of the world has gotten better. Keep in mind that many national teams in this tournament have at least one or two NBA players on their roster.

I think it proves once again that teamwork wins over individual talent. I do feel that the foundational skill level(shooting,dribbling and passing) has become less important versus dunking and fancy dribbling. I played college basketball so I was thrilled when my stepson started playing on the local HS team. When he played at home he spent most of his time practicing dribbling between his legs then on his shooting skills.

I don't think any of the teams in the NBA today could beat the Knicks/Celtics of the early 70's cause those teams won with teamwork and great shooting. The Knicks with Walt Frasier, Bradley, Debussier, Lucas, Willis Reed and Dick Barnett was one of the greatest teams ever. The Celtics with Bob Cousy, Bill Russel and John Havelcheck(sic), likewise.
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