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Looking for Volkl Karma deals

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Hello everyone.
Just to introduce myself, I'm intermediate to advanced East coast skier, who wants to try some ungroomed surface, and maybe go into some jumping (doing that with my heavy flat end Dynastar carvers is a little bit uncomfortable). I hope to do that with the Karmas. A friend of mine told me this is a great ski, and I also did some research on my own.

So, the thing is, now I'm determined to buy the '07 model, and trying to find a good deal on it. What I've seen so far, is at best around $530, without bindings. I would really appreciate if someone pointed me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance for the useful replies.
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look for christie sports. i just picked up a pair for 417.
o wait, i just finished reading your post. I think 530 for 07's is a good deal. i got the 06's. to the best of my knowledge they are unchanged for this season

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Thanks for the reply!
Well, one thing in which the '07 model differs from the '06 is graphics on the skis.
This is the 2006 model:

This is the 2007 model:

Technicalwise, I really don't think they have changed... Edit later. But, maybe they did. No titanial inserts in the new one?..
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BTW, could anyone advise which length to choose?
I'm 186cm tall and quite light - around 70 kg but I wouldn't say I'm weak :-). I ski on short Dynastar Omecarves, just 165cm, I bought them 3 years ago as my first skis.

For Karmas, I feel that I need longer skis and hesitate between 185 and 177 ones. Is there a big difference?
Thanks alot!
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At 154 pounds, you're on the lighter side of things. Are you still growing? If you are an east coast "intermediate to advanced" skier, then going from the Omecarves to the Karma might be too much of a jump. You may be better served by moving to a ski like the AC2 or AC3? Don't be afraid of last years ski - for any model. It's a great way to save some money. Even when the skis change their construction, it's not like the previous model ceases to be capable.
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Thanks for the reply, tumbler!
I'm 21, and I hope I won't be growing anymore:-).
Well, I stated my level since I don't know what the general rule of determining the ski profeciency is. I do double diamonds, can go really fast without losing control, I carve ok, both the big turns and small turns (especially with my short omecarves)..
So, I'd really want to go for the Karma "jump", as tumbler said. I feel much better on my friend's '03 (I think) Omeglass 64 or his dad's '06 Racetigers than on my 3 yr old Omecarves.
As for the AC series, they won't do. I need a wider and durable ski, with jumping capacity, ungroomed surface capacity, twin tips to land or ski backwards and so on. I'm pretty determined to go for the Karmas.
Finally, for the '06 vs. '07 model issue. I really like the graphics on the '07 model. I think I'll get it if I manage to find a moderate price on it.
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