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Opinions on fats vs. mid-fats. There's a lot of talk about how mid-fats are trying to straddle an impossible line, and/or how all you really need are fats (in other words you're wasting your time with the mids). Who stands where on this? Are mid-fats the all-mountain ski (i.e. a ski that can't do anything exceptionally well) of this decade? Well?
BTW, anyone want to trade a Head Supercross for some XXXs?
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fat all the way! My G41's are the only ski i need for any conditions.

except maybe rocks and bumps. i like skiing rocks better than bumps though.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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Much as I love my fatties, I don't even bother taking them with me to Vermont. I do take my MF (Volkl G30) there, and also west (together with my fatties). Consequently I log more days on my MFs than on my fatties or my carvers (which stay here in the east).

If I lived in Jackson or Bozeman, it would be otherwise I'm sure (but I'll bet I'd still have a MF in the quiver).

For folks who ski west and east, and who are buying only one ski, MF is the only way to go.
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I question having a fat for your main ski even in Bozeman. RidgeHiker is a young, large, strong guy and a fat ski is not nearly as unwieldy for him as they are for me, 20 years older & 3 inches shorter. Even though I skied almost exclusively last year on my SuperMountains (which are somewhere between a fat & mid-fat) I would prefer a mid-fat to a fat if I was limited to one pair of skis. On the other hand, RidgeHiker & my 20 year old son (who just moved to Bozeman) would rather have a pair of fats. It a matter of taste & style.
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Interesting thought. For the last few seasons I have skiied on nothing but midfats, and fats. I really think I could ski only on a fat, especially a short(165-170)twintipped one. Here in Mammoth some of the best skiers ski fats all the time. I use my mids (173 Enemy) most of the time, but sometimes I will use my fats (180 AK Launcher) for weeks on end, especially when it dumps for a month or so. Both skis seem to do everything well. This season, I am getting two pairs of AK's, a 165, and a 180. I am betting the 165 will become my every day ski, but we shall see. I have a pair of 165's mounted randonee that I skiied all the time last spring. They were great everywhere, so I am pretty confident in that lenght. I think that If K2 made a twin tip that was 80cm underfoot with the four sidecut (ie; an Enemy that was 5cm wider) and came in a 170, that it would be the only ski I needed. by the way, I love windbuff, bumps, pow and crud. I tend to just ride the edge out on the groomed to get it over with and back to the real stuff. I don't see any reason for most people to ski on anything but a mid or fatter.

I think mid fat is 70-80cm underfoot, and 81+ is fat. What does everybody else think?
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Its all about fats! My xxx's are the only ski I need. I've got some little Elans for the really early season stuff where the ridge may or may not have snow but other than that fats are all I need. I love 'em! The shear power in a xxx is amazing. I've never felt it in any other ski. But I am with ridgehiker... Those bumps are terrible man. Hitting a rock in powder is a bummer but so is looking down a whole field of bumps and knowing that all your pow is at the other end.

Jump- It's always smaller than it looks!
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I think that where and how you ski is the real detemining factor in choosing a ski.Ski enginreers are getting pretty cleaver, and in the past few years have made some remarkable skis.Two years ago fats were for Powder only.Mid fats were your everyday ski if you lived in the west.Now It is a diffrent story.Midfats are skied in New England The proformance of fat skis is in most cases is vary close to a mid fat ski.
About the only place a fat ski doesn't fit in is bumps.
Ok all that said my ski of choice is still The K2 modx now axis x, a midfat.why? becuse for the most part there is no limits with a midfat.I demoed some fats last season and will be getting some this year.Now i just have to deside whice fat to buy? Should I go for the Chubb?or the AK Luncher?how about the Bandit xxx? or the Big Stick 84? So many to choose from, whats a skier to do?

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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