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First SKI day of the year

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Whats everyone's first trips/ ski days going to be like- where, when, who, etc

Personally, Mom will probably drag me to Attitash around the first week in December (she will bribe me with gifts in N Conway) so I can help her get some boots. I tell her to get them at the sales in spring (or to try them on and search online for the model/size she likes for cheap) but nooo, she needs to wait all year.
This is all provided Cannon and Wildcat are basically closed on Thanksgiving

Anyone else have plans/thoughts on first trip?
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Halloween at SAT, in costume of course. Overcast with light snow falling on to a 12 inch base.
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If October 2006 resembles October 2004...

...I'll be there again.

Otherwise, birthday present to myself by getting up in November.
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I wouldn't mind if the New England season started off the way it did last year. Then again, that weekend was pretty much the best we had all season : , so maybe I shouldn't hope for a nice powder day to start if off.

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This year I'm carless, so, no ribbon of death at Loveland for me this year. Looks like it'll be the first day of work. Oh well....course, last year we started off with 2 feet of fresh.
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I'll probably still go this year for the ribbon of death, as soon as A-Basin opens
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K-ton, hopefully jsut before Thanksgiving. I would like to get two weekends in before ESA East.
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October 9th last year.

It was a little thin but it was turns.
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Post Christmas....gonna be a sad year for me. I'll be lucky to get 5 days in
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Season starts in November at Sunday River (def. white ribbon of death). Demo days are Thanksgiving weekend. I NEED as many days as I can get before ESA-Stowe. My legs are always toast by the end of the day at ESA.
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I already have reservations for Wolf Creek Colorado over Thanksgiving Vacation. Been going there for about nine years now and only had to cancel twice! They always have the earliest and best snow. Driving up from Tucson, Arizona is about 12 hours but well worth it! I can't wait! I am so sick of this warm weather!
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Me and my older kids will probably go up to Sugar Mountian in NC and hope for the best. Who knows maybe we'll get some natural snow early and some of the other ski areas will be open.
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Usually the day after Thanksgiving ... wife goes shopping I go skiing. Maybe this year with the lil fella (4 yo). Past few years we've had an early snowfall to make things nice in December ... only to have rain ruin it. Here's to hoping everything starts around Halloween and continues through Easter
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Hopefully I'll be skiing Loveland on a decent base before November. Last year we were there Oct 30th and it was pretty smooth and nice!
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Dec 11th at Killington, skiing that whole week. I doubt I'll get out before then, since the closest skiing to me at that time of year is a 6+ hour drive (11 to Killington).
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Another one wishing for an opening day like last years.
Day one most likely Keystone. Most likely one or two runs down the only run open, then onto something else. Hopefully NOT Mtn Biking
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Summit County Dec 17 will be my 1st day. Maybe Kima will join Bong & myself
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I'll be at Sunday River on opening day scheduled for Nov 10th..WEATHER PERMITTING!!!
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Originally Posted by Treewell View Post
I'll be at Sunday River on opening day scheduled for Nov 10th..WEATHER PERMITTING!!!
oooooo enticing...and its only 2+ months away
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Originally Posted by jgiddyup View Post
Summit County Dec 17 will be my 1st day. Maybe Kima will join Bong & myself
Sounds fun to me. Can I have a beer?
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I may join the fearless sliders under Eagle lift this year at copper early (early) season. I just can't wait to ski, and seems like so long before the good stuff is open...
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The WROD at Loveland in mid October, followed by A-Basin and the rest of the Vail resorts (I got the Colorado Pass this season). I'll save Copper and Winter Park (only a handful of days this season) for good conditions.
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I always go to Alta & skin up for weeks/months before they open (so do hundreds of others, inlcuding snowboarders). Usually you can get at least some turns in by October, for sure by Mid November.

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Probably Hunter late November or at the latest, the first weekend of December.
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I'm not sure when the resort will be open for skiing but I'll be there the opening weekend for sure.

Hell I'm going there this weekend to hike some of the trails.
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I'm going to be at Loveland, Colorado on October 13th (if we're lucky!!) Supposedly, Loveland and Arapahoe Basin have a little race to see who can open first. I'm going to drive out and bring my rockskis of course. No need to ruin the spic-n-span Phat Luvs.
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10 weeks and counting

November 11th opening weekend at Sunshine
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Originally Posted by gnjantzie View Post
November 11th opening weekend at Sunshine
Arrrg darn Banffer's

November 28 is Opening day at Marmot Basin and I am looking forward to my 11th year in a row attending opening day.

Lets hope opening day this year is better than last at Jasper.

Sunshine however had a killer opening day last year. I think it's time for a trade. Killer at Jasper and Bunk at Sunshine for opening days.
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First Day 2006

I'll take my sons to the best snow within reach of Phoenix. Brian Head in southern Utah is often a good bet. If the early snow falls farther north, i'll opt for Keystone/A-basin/Copper
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November 19 in Summit Co. area. Whoever has the most open. Hope it's an even better November than last season! 68 days and counting!
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