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Roxy Skis

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It's definately time for new skis for the girlfriend.

Background: She's about 5"2, 105 lbs, she's been on skis since she was 3 (21 now), but mainly X-C or skinny backcountry skis. She currently skis around 5-10 times a year, but I plan to bump that up for her this year. She has a lot of untapped alpine skiing potential, and new gear (boots especially) should make the biggest improvement for her. I'd say she is a strong intermediate on-piste, skis blues well and likes to go fairly fast. She doesn't like moguls, but I've gotten her into small ones, chopped up powder moguls, and 10 inches of fresh powder and she has progressed rapidly in all of them, but it would go to a whole new level with boots that fit properly. She does have some knee problems

Current boots - 26.5 Lange's for her size 7 woman feet. I can't believe I let her finish last season on boots that are bigger than my own (26, size 10 feet). She's really not a material type girl, but aesthitics are extremely important in these skis. I really can't blame her, while I know the ideal gear for her probably doesn't look as great, I believe that it's well worth a small step down in performance and function for her to have something that looks great, and that she really loves. If it must be ugly boots, then I will convince her easily of this, but if anyone has any suggestions on models more pleasing to the eye that also work well it would be great. She likes the looks of the Roxy boot , which looks to me like a Rossi Soft with diff. graphics. Anyone know anything about these, or have any other suggestions on boots that will have a hint or two of pink/purple?

For the skis, we're leaning towards something like the Roxy Tease Me's (is there a Dynastar equivalent with diff. topsheet?), I think those would be ideal but cost is a factor so something 1-2 years old would be better. To me the dimensions look great, it looks like they have an ideal flex for her. Her favourite looks-wise are the new Ala, but I don't think they're enough ski for her, but they'd be nicer on the wallet. We may be able to find a deal on last years Palm Beach Polka, they're more to the on-piste side at 108-67-94, but someone out there must have some experience on it...

That should give an idea of the direction she's looking to go with the skis. 140-150 cm is definately the length she's looking for, she saw some Sweet Troubles in a shop and fell in love, but I think they've got to be too soft since they're a junior park ski. I'm also thinking 2006 K2's would work well, anyone have experience/advice on which model of the Luv's would suit her best? 07 Elan Spice look cute as well, but I'm concerned they are too beginner.

Any advice/experience on the skis I've mentioned would be phenomenal, and suggestions for other 'pretty' skis would be great too!
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I suggest you have a boot fitter put her in the right boots, and if she wants purple boots that bad, buy a can of spray paint. Size 26 boots for her is so ridiculous its almost comical.
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