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atomic neox demo bindings

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Bought my Metron b5s last year. good deal as they were used in the ski canada test. they have neox demo bindings where the toe and heel pieces move together to adjust to different size boots. my question to my esteemed collegues is it possible to move the bindings as a unit forward for a given boot size in my case 365. heard many positive comments that putting the ball of your foot closer to the real center of the ski has its benefits. as they sit now the ball of my foot appears to be 1-2" back of center. all comments are appreciated. regards extremeskier

ps will be at whistler every weekend this winter, , denver in feb. any bears care to join
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365? Holy Bigfoot!
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Originally Posted by NE1 View Post
365? Holy Bigfoot!
Really, why don't you just pot some p-tex on the bottom of your boot and call it a day.
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Not sure on the sizing of the demos but in the consumer Neox line I believe 370 is the largest boot size, so at 365 the binding will be maxed out at both ends. The consumer model has a screwin center plate where you can set it at the center or 2cm back. Haven't worked on demos yet so I can't totally help you, hopefully someone will better answer your question.
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I have gone through a similar situation. I have learned a bit about these bindings, but there are others who know a lot more. I am not a binding tech.
Here is what I have seen. The demo plate offers no position options ( at least in the one experience I have had). It has to be located in one spot only.

The regular 310 neox binding forward and central position adjustment is about 1 cm. Your boot size limits any further adjustment to about 2mm or 3mm. That would be using the toe and heel piece interface straps. These two straps overlap and have beveled sections that interface and lock into position for a particular boot length. With the sole length of your boot there does not seem to be much left to play with. Not to mention that there is very little track left for the toe and heel to move along.

The only other option I can think of is replacing the plate on the ski with some other plate that would accommodate moving the binding unit. I don't know if such a thing exists. You could try contacting Atomicman who really knows the Atomic products.
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