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Any good crashes this year?

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I had a couple interesting experiences this season. I learned that skiing without really knowing what you're doing can be very dangerous. Let's see...

I almost nailed some poor woman my first day out. That same day, on my last run (that is, it would have been my last run regardless) I managed to twist my knee so badly I couldn't walk for two days, and needed a soft brace for weeks. I was back on the slopes the next week, TAKING LESSONS.

The week after that, I was stupid enough to venture into the terrain park, just to try jumping. I managed the first one ok, but landed mostly on my butt. The next one I did, better, and landed. However, as I skied down the backside, picking up speed, I spied what can only be described as a "speedbump" in front of me - a random, dangerously placed hump of snow. For someone of my ability, it was too late. There was no room to maneuver anyway. What I might have sounded like to an observer was "Huh? Oh, shi- *wump* WAAAAUUGGH! *THUD!!!*." There would have been an "Ow" after that, but having landed on my upper back and shoulders, I couldn't breathe at the time. It took me a couple minutes to get up after that one.

Finally, that same day, I had one final ignominous moment. I came to a beautiful, perfect hockey stop at the bottom of a blue. Unfortunately, my ski pole caught under the ski just as I finished. : "*Whooosh!* *SNAG!* WAH! *THUMP!*"

Any funny fall stories from this year? Hopefully not involving serious injury...

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Skiing breakable crust in Austria on Tuesday. Left a bloody skidmark on the snow with my face. It was numb enough that it didn't hurt toooo much. My only real crash all week.
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How about catching an edge while skating over to the lift line and crashing into everyone....
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I haven't had any crashes that are really worthy of talking about this year. It's been mostly bloopers and hip checks for me.
Two of my racers however didn't have the same fortune.

The end of Febuary we were running a Super-G race. One of my girls lost her downhill ski and was launched into the B-net face first. She wound up breaking her left leg right above the boot.

Just this past week one of the boys from CNY, that was in Maine with me and some other coaches, DNFed on a GS, skied to the edge of the coarse and began skiing down the side to get off the coarse, caught an edge that tossed him into the woods where he hit a snow gun. This collapsed a lung, ruptured his spleen and liver and bruised a kidney. He's now stable but still under close observation.

Needless to say, this hasn't been the best of seasons, snow wise or health wise.

What's the difference between golf and skiing?

In golf you hear " WHACK........AHHHHHH SHIT!!!". In skiing you hear " AHHHHHH SHITT!!!....WHACK".

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I had a good crash last weekend that I am still feeling. Making big turns down a steep pitch when my outside ski decides it wants to go into the trees leaving me with only one. I start cartwheeling down the hill to be stoped by my two friends at the bottom. I don't think I have ever seen so a large yard sale in my life. Luckly no one was really hurt.
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I had a beauty last wednesday. It was all my fault. "Listen to the mind next time Oz". "ya tired, go home quietly, they got thier moneys worth already"

Sometimes we just push the envelope a little too far. My only regret is that I will never see it on video. It would have looked pretty spectacular with the little "owww shit" similtaneous double ejector seat binding release, two skis spinning silently through the air and cartwheeling off moguls and me in full uniform doing a 10ft up, half dinner roll and sideways OOOMMMMPPPHHHH landing into a bump with no bounce and just silence to follow. Oh yeh did I mention this is on a run right by two chairlifts.

ha sometimes we stuff up big time ... and always when we least expect it.

be careful folks ... skiing can be a very unforgiving sport.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Skiing IN THE RAIN on thursday I went down in the moguls. I had just been talking to two ski patrolers and then took off. I planted my pole in the top of a bump and it sank down about 2 feet and got stuck. I collapsed around the pole right in front of them.
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I watched my buddy drop into a chute in the Whistler Bowl last week.He instantly ejected both skis and proceeded to cartwheel for a few hundred feet ending up right next to me at the bottom of the bowl.Luckily he was unhurt but i managed 3 more runs of the peak chair,laughing to myself as i watched him clamour back up to retrieve his gear and finally catch back up to me!
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2 good ones,

I was skiing in "The Outer Limits" in BlackComb's "Crystal Zone".
Steep, Thigh deep and trees, All day had been struggling and finally had the "great run" Turn after turn, good rhythm, well picked line, weaving through the trees, all smiles [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] and just as I'm about to pop out of the trees near the bottom, CLICK!!!..... major face plant. I double ejected out of both of my skis (must have hit a submerged log or hard bump) they stopped, I didn't. no injury and it must have looked pretty funny.

The second one was while we were in our level 1 clinic. We were doing hocky slides. I thought "great I know how to do these" and got going pretty fast. swivel left, slide.... straight, swivel right, slide..... etc then all of a sudden swivel right and I'm flat on the ground. Hit a rut and both skis stopped. the rest of the instructors in the clinic are ROFL.. My elbow still hurts..
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About my only crash worth mentioning is when I just came back from doing this one double I had been eyeing for a while, I skied it pretty good for the conditions (big moguls, lots of exposed rocks and a bit of avy debris), then on my way back I ended up falling after stopping at a junction. Thankfully no one was around to see but it was still embarassing (and kinda funny) knowing what I had just skied down and then falling down on a flat area (I still don't know how it happened).

I also had some minor crashes and 1 in which my skis actually came off, but thats about it.
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Another one-

I was skiing knee deep powder in the trees at copper's resolution bowl and hit a submerged log. Didn't lose a ski but came down hard on another submerged log.

A funny fall, but not funny to me. The log was lying down with its old branches snapped off, making 6 inch spikes all around. My rear came down on one spike and my thigh on another. I was reminded of the fall every time I sat down for the next week and a half (not to mention that I could hardly ski groomers for the rest of the day), and the hole in my snowpants and long underwear still needs to be repaired.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Grolby:

Any funny fall stories from this year? Hopefully not involving serious injury...

Ok, hopefully none of you were in the crowd of people that saw this....

A little over a month ago, I was at Sierra-at-Tahoe, goofing around on my skiboards, and decided to hit the halfpipe. I didn't scout it first(big mistake!) and thought, until I started to drop in, that it was the smaller pipe, but it was, in fact, the 15' Superpipe. I flew up the opposite wall like a bat out of hell, and cleared the lip by "at least 7 feet", according to a witness. Unfortunately, I'd never been on a halfpipe before, and I was caught by suprise at just how high I was when I looked down. Looking down roughly 22' at the bottom of the pipe is...distracting, and a big group of people thought I had a clue, and were cheering...I forgot to rotate for landing, so I tried to land fakie and spun out, not too hard of a fall at all. I got up, got my speed back up, and hit it again, did a picture-perfect slide across the lip, dropped back in, and caught a tip in a nasty gash in the wall caused by godknowswhat, and went down like the proverbial bag of poo, and landed right on my thumb, which I posted about the other day.. It was apparently quite teh show [img]smile.gif[/img]
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3 weeks ago at Kirkwood we'd been dropping cornices all day on the south side of the resort. I made a run up the cornice express, expected the same type of landing and launched off the cornice blind. To my surprise I impacted on solid ice. After several bounces and rolls one of my ski tips stuck in deep and I kept going. It didn't come out and I didn't eject. It just pulled and pulled until the ski eventually loosed itself. About that time my other ski came off and proceeded to leave me by several hundred feet down the mountain. I strained some things in my leg, but nothing too bad.
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One day there was a ton of powder over a sheet of ice, I was skiing a steep trail under the lift. I caught an edge and fell, both skis popped off and I rode on my butt all the way down, couldn't stop if I tried. Nothing to do but wave hello to all above. Laughter is the best when it's at yourself. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I've had some pretty wicked looking crashes that didn't hurt and i've had some that weren't that bad that hurt a lot.

first time skiing in two years since going to snowblades, able to ski pretty well down the hill went to the park attempted some old school daffy which ended in me landing on my ribs and face.

I then blew out my knee attempting a 360 in a backyard, landed 180 and as i turned around twisted my knee pretty good.

Back at it a month later, i did some back yard jibbing and had to pretty cool looking crashes that i got on video tape but i didn't get hurt.

Then skiing at mount saint sauveur i was trying one of their many rails when i slid to fast fell backwards onto the snow and hitting my ass, then hiking back up the hill and doing the exact same thing a second time.

But hey, i'm alive, for now.
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I was skiing fast down from the top of the Bird in fog (visibility maybe 15 ft). I knew my way, hardly anybody was around, and had just a super run. I get to the flats at the bottom of a lift, come to a complete stop, and in ultra-slo-mo, slowly (sort of like the leaning tower of Pisa) just topple over. There wasn't a thing I could do about it.

It looked so contrived, people thought I was haming it up and laughted & clapped, but the real reason was that I actually had some sort of momentary bout of disorientation, and for a few sec, I really wasn't exactly sure where vertical was. It never happened again.

Tom / PM
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now that you mention it.. I was trying out some Pocket Rockets. I had intended to write something up for the forum but my test vocabulary is somewhere like "awesome" or "sucks. Anyway, I was at Alta and we'ed had no new snow for a bit, so I climbed up to East Baldy, a pretty steep face overlooking the Sugerloaf-Germania traverse. Everyone from the traverse and the top of the Sugerloaf chair can see you. So I traversed along the top of the face looking for the line most protected from the wind and dropped in. Ecstasy. 18" of champaign powder, untracked, turn after turn and the Rockets just ate it up; nicly flexing with each arc. "I AM STEIN" I think to myself and wham! the edge rides up on some boilerplate windcrust, lets go and down I slide-for-life head first toward the catwalk below. Self arrested before I landed on a mom.
a poor, embarrassed, carpenter blames his tools, but I was off the Rockets; I took up a pair of G-3s later to the same place, chose the wrong line and dropped in on hard windpack. The g-threes loved the hard stuff.
But I keep thinking about how great those Rockets felt for that dozen turns in the fluff.. I think I'll give 'em another chance... :
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Snapped my arm like a twig while successfully saving my knee:

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I never crash.

I mean...

Actually, on demo bindings a few tmes this year I pre-released while getting aggressive in some fresh/crud. Suddenly, one ski is gone and I am more or less at the mercy of whatever. They are fun falls when you are going ALONG the trees cuz there's a bit of flying, some 180 action, some cartwheeling. I count myself lucky that I have not done this while heading AT the trees. Otherwise I'd BE the trees.

These crashes propped up my faith in my Rossi turntables too. They never do this to me. The ejects happened on regular heeled rossi demo bindings. Maybe it was the demo thing. Maybe the non-turntable heel. Not sure.
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YOW.. that arm. speaking of bindings; I pitched off a traverse a couple years ago(greens are dangerous) and slid head first between two trees. My Salomons held, and I was suspended upside down. My friend had to release my bindings and drop me out. :
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I've got another one to add. Yesterday at Sugarbowl, I liked the look of the snow and decided to head for the palisades. They were closed so I went right down the closed signs. I ended up on a WAY STEEP pitch. It was about three feet wide and ended in an icefall. Rock on one side, trees on the other. I knew I couldn't do it, but I thought I'd try to get a little way in then cut out between two trees. My first little skid, stuck my tip, popped out of the binding and went head first. Hit a couple little trees I think, some rock, then head first on my back went over the edge. Don't exactly know what happened after that but when I stopped I had about sixty feet, probably 45 of which were vertical back to my ski which stopped in a tree on top of the ice fall. I spent about 20 or 30 min. getting to my ski, before wondering how I was getting back down,(I'd kicked my way up the ice), about that time both feet broke loose and I found out how. Nice and quick. I'm bruised, battered, and a little stiff, But I skied a couple more hours.
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You were at the bowl and didn't look me up?


did you see Bode or any of the other SL greats? I understand they were practicing for Sunday. I was stuck near the Ski School so I didn't get a chance to wander over and watch.
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Sorry dchan. Only there for the half day and I wanted to get all the runs in I could. I'll be up again. Maybe I saw you, did you take any part in the winterfest stuff?
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I had a nice double eject, forward launch yesterday...right under the chair!

I was taking a high traverse in deep powder, had pretty good speed, hit a dip, flew over it and my skis stuck straight into the hard/firm snow on the other side. The result was a dead stop, double eject. I flew through the air, my arms out in front of me like superman, and landed way ahead of my skis...laughing my @ss of!

A couple of friends were watching me and my acrobatics, and were so intent on watching me that they fell as well! :

Thankfully, the fresh, deep powder made for a pretty soft landing. If only all my falls could have such a happy ending!
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Last Saturday gave me a new one... and I'm telling it because what skier hasn't pulled this one at least once?

I was skiing along when my brother went down in an impressive looking wipeout. Naturally, I stopped to see if he was ok. I was going pretty fast, and wanted to stop quickly, to I skidded my skis to the left and hammered down on the edges to stop myself.

Whoops. A bit too much stopping power there... My feet came to a near instantaneous stop, while the rest of me kept going, sending me into a momentary airborne cartwheel before I landed on my back. It didn't hurt, and I was laughing before I stopped sliding (and I didn't slide far), but it certainly was pretty weird. Oh, if only I had that one on film.
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I was following this tree down the mountain when all the sudden it stopped.

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As per each year so far, yep, a couple good ones.
First, December, in Utah. Had just finished skiing with U-49 and his buddy and - long story short - came at a pretty good clip from some smoother snow into a section of the trail that was "suddenly" quite bumpy. I knew I was going to go down so did the sudden speed check and started to "lay it down," but that didn't totally circumvent the crash. A good one, too. Hit the back of my head GOOD on some hard snow and know that if I hadn't had my helmet, I'd've been knocked out; at least a concussion.
I was a little shaken and stirred.

Another at Whistler, buried my tips in some pow - BOOM, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - airborne. Double eject and solid plant in the snow.

Deer Valley: Caught an edge - lazy me, last run of the day - on a nothin' much trail, and WHOMP, hard on the shoulder. Thought I'd really tweaked it. Sore, some swelling, but plenty of heartfelt applause from those above in the chair.

Of course I stood and bowed.

Best ever was a crash on St. Anton at Mammoth. Another tip bury, BIIIIIG air, then a roll-and-tumble to a stop. Unhurt but wide awake. Just sat in the snow awhile, regrouping.

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Last Friday at Gore...POWDER.. first time all year, came over a little rise lot's of fresh stuff to the left... headed for it...WHammo ...double eject face plant into powder. The little rise was actually a 5'deep drift. Sudden stop, landed in soft powder. Laughed all the way back up to my skis. As it was probably my last day for the season it was great.
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When I was starting to get fairly ok at riding my race/alpine snowboard, I was tring to see how high up on edge I could get (trying to get my back knee to touch the snow on toe side turns), and I got my weight a bit too far forward. The board tried to turn so hard that it went to the right, and I went forward over the bars. I did a complete flip and landed on my feet, then contuned over and face planted. Had I had my eyes open and my wits about me, I may have been able to pull off the landing.

Then, one day, I was on the same board on a newly opened trail with about 18" of fresh (this board was NOT meant for pow), and the nose dove for the dirt in the middle of a turn, and I did the same thing, but this time because the nose of the board came to an instant stop in the dirt. Again, I almost pulled it off. But it all happened so quick, that there is no time to think. This time, however, I had about 6 witnesses, as I was riding with a group of instructors, including the AASI demo team coach.
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Thankfully not!
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