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small boots

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I bought new boots last year in Canada. I thought they were perfect but as they started packing out they started bothering my ankle on my right foot. Everytime I have them looked at I'm told to buckle them tighter!. But when I do that the overlap on the shell digs into my foot, at the joint. On this website I actually found a Master booter and she thinks my boot is not right for my foot. I have a very high volume foot and the consenus is that there is not enough volume. I started researching boots that are considered high volume and are finding out that companies are no longer making my size. I've had good luck with Technica but their smallest size is a 23. I always wore a 22. Several other companies are listing their smallest ladies boots in 22.5 and 23. Are boot shells the same from company to company or could a 22 be the same as a 23?
This boot fitter also says my shell size is slightly too big for me. I have footbeds.
No one around here sells small boots and I'm not going out west until the end of March.
I also have very bony ankles and a very thin ankle. Please don't recommend Jr. boots they just don't have the volume I need.
My partner is in Summit, Cty and will be in Steamboat next week. But I'm afraid to buy boots without trying them on. I'm also afraid if I wait until I go to Aspen it will be too late. Any suggestions on what to do?
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fyi--size 22.5 and 22 are the same boot in most cases the only difference is the thickness of the foot bed(actualy some boots 22 and 23 are the same boot except for a toe block and a thicker footbed) as for Tecnica up untill recently they ran small/short,I have used them when I needed a true 1/2 size compared to regular sizeing.As far as a good fit-you have listed some complaints that sound almost in conflict with each other.What kind of boot is it and as far as ankleproblems ?? is it the inside ankle??Best bet is to actuly go to a competant fitter.
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The boots are Salomon Evolution 8 (women's).The liner was heated and formed to my foot. The boot is hitting me on the inside ankle, between the bone and the shin, does that make sense? The bootfitter I saw said that my insole was very thick and she shaved it down some. That gave me some room in the area where the boot curves from the shin to the top of the boot. When I took the boot off today after 4 hrs of skiing my ankle looked bruised. However, tonight it doesn't hurt at all. The bootfitter skied with me today and when she saw the spot she said it looked like I was moving in the boot alot. The boot has an adjustment where you can move the top buckles farther back so I tried that. It really held my ankle in snug but the curvature on the top of the boot really bit me. Everytime I go a little tighter I get that digging. That's why she's thinking that the volume isn't right for me. I also have a very rigid instep and my foot is thin and bony but wide in the forefoot.
As far as seeing a qualified bootfitter this person is the most qualified in this area. If she doesn't come up with a solution I will see someone in Aspen.
Also, if the Technica liner is really a 23 then where does that leave me? My last pair of Technicas were a 22.5 and they had to pad the you know what out of the liner to get them to fit. I bought them at the Boot Dr. in Taos and they had no other boots to fit me!
It's always been a problem finding a small enough boot and now it seems like its going to be even harder. The shops here don't stock them and by the time I get out west they're gone. Some of the women with small feet here are using jr. racers but I've been that route and want a better fit.
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sorry for a quick reply,but i am packing for # days to To Hell U Ride--but will be in the shop tommorrow and do some research for you and try to get ack to you before I go ------------------from the past I found out that a lot of women (30 to 50% ) found pressure like you described on the evolution(2) 8---I thought it was pychological,since most of the time it was at the area of the flex adjustment-yet when you feel the inside of the boot it is smooth with out any undulation.I willprint your info and tommorrow -give you more info----was it the inside ankle?
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Yes, inside ankle and when you feel the tongue it is L shaped not smooth and rounded like my Technica's were. That is also where the flex pattern in the boot is and I'm not sure if it can be reshaped.
Thanks for your help.
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I'm interested in reading that - I was fitting a lady with the Evo(2) 8s on Saturday, and she complained of pain on the inside of one ankle. When I examined the boot, it wasn't as smooth as I'd expect in that area.
We decided it was better not to take them, and she's holding on to her old boots (they've only done about 4 weeks skiing, and she is comfortable in them, but she wanted to spend money!)

Donda, would you like to share your experience further with me (PM if you want)


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I kept thinking that something was on the liner but there is nothing there. Last spring after a couple of days my ankle was swollen and bruised and I had to ice it a couple of times a days. I was told I didn't have them buckled tight enough. But when I buckle them tighter the tongue digs me and I still get the redness.
I bought my last pair of Technicas at the Boot Dr. in Taos, I think they were called Explosion, they told me I had a Technica foot and nothing else would fit me as well. I thought they were saying that because the didn't have anything else in my size. Maybe they were right!
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If the Boot Dr's at Taos told you "You have a Technica Foot" I personally would take that to the bank.

I have worked with Bob from the Telluride store and heard many praise stories from both. Also Bob is one of the educators for Masterfit U and considered one of the Guru's in the Bootfitting.

You might want to contact a Rep for Technica or any other boot mfg to see what they actually make. A shop may have to special order a specific size if the shop did not bring it in for their stock. A lot of shops will only purchase for their store what will most likely sell. Boot Dr's is probably the same however they will most likely have a much better range of boots than your average shop.

Good luck.

(one other thing, you might get to a fitter and have them add an "instaprint tongue" to your boot and have them heat the plastic on your current boot tongue and flatten it back out a little. This may keep it from cutting into your ankle so much.
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If you had the Tecnica explosions and liked the fit try the Icon that replaced it --I know they do not make your size 22 --but take a look at the junior Icon it is not like most jr boots ,it has almost all the features of the adult version and is little softer.As far as the ankle-you said you have foot beds are they custom or generic ,if they are custom have some one ck them out to see if the were molded correctly,it sounds like apossible pronation was not corrected,they can ck it by you standing on them out of the boot and ck to see if the talus one is in neutral..if you are useing a generic foot bed ,then a varus wedge could help.As far as the ev (2) 8 ,it is a good boot ,but as I mentioned I do get a few people that get the same forward ankle pressure and I move them to a Performa ,which does not have the slideflex control and has the same general fit or I will put them into the wave 6 which is higher performance and fits similar to the tecnica expolsion and icon ,but with a more secure ankle(although the tecnicas come with ankle shims).
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What is an "instaprint tongue"?

Never heard of it so was curious what it is and what its designed for.


(one other thing, you might get to a fitter and have them add an "instaprint tongue" to your boot and have them heat the plastic on your current boot tongue and flatten it back out a little. This may keep it from cutting into your ankle so much.[/QB][/quote]
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Don't know if the sizing goes to 22, but maybe you should try Rossi Race 1 or 2.
Freeride XXX or XX. My foot is narrow and the Rossi works perfect. Vertical Drop handles Rossi.
Skied Perfect last night ( wet ), we need some cold weather!!
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I cked out the Icon jr at SIA in vegas this week and it is a real boot (more prefomance than the ev8) the liner is the one from the adult- high end Rival .Actualy several of the small footed Tecnica reps ski the Jr Icon and thier feet are bigger than mondo 22--So if you feel you are a "tecnica foot" try it ,but also remember that the Tecnica fit is aimed for the median foot configuration so they can sell a lot of boots and make a lot of $$--Tecnicas and Salomons are a easy fit
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i just wanted to share that i too have problems with salomon boots and their tongues, they dig into my foot/leg also when tightened.

on the other hand, tecnicas fit me very well except for width of the toe box, but nothing realy fits there so i'm finally getting some boot work after acouple weeks of boot shopping. hope u find what you're looking for.. i'm praying my boots turn out well..
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Thanks for all of your help. A shop was able to get a pair of Rossigonal Free XL's from the factory. They haven't arrived yet. I tried a pair of Technica Rivals in a 23 and they were huge. Both in length and width.
My footbeds were made in Steamboat. Not sure of the brand but they are the kind where you stand to make the mold. No other measure-ments were taken that I remember. If I get new boots my bootfitter will make new ones for me. She does instaprints.
I tried on an old pair of Lange Jr. racing boots that I wore years ago. They were actually a better fit than these Salomon's. The only problem is they were putting a lot a pressure on my instep. So if I can't find a ladies boot to fit I might be back to the Jr. boots (maybe the old yellow Lange's!)
Nayt-I ski Perfect on Thursday's. Missed this week because of the rain. Are you a snowboarder?
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Instaprint makes a "replacement"toungue that attaches to your current toungue. It takes up a lot of volume in the ankle area so if you have very small ankles you don't have to clamp the top of the boot down so small that the over laps dig in. more info
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