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S-L-O-W-E-R skiing setup

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I have just purchased a new 04-05 pair of Fischer RX 8's (FLAT). I hope to use them for some slower fun on the groomers.

I have been skiing faster and faster in recent years, gradually using more big wide mach 2 turns across the hill -especially with the Nordica Top Fuel. Time for me to enjoy some slower shorter turns in the fall line.

I've read the posts on the RX 8 here and at 160 cm (5-9 175) I think it will suit the purpose just fine.

My question is about the binding set up. With this purpose in mind, should I look to incorporate any special feature such as an additional 'riser plate' beneath the standard riser that is now part of the typical binding?
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I would stick with the standard binding arrangement; the skis work fine as is.
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Thanks. Remember that there are no bindings with these skiis, so I don't have what would be considered 'standard' for the current RX 8.

If what you mean is to use any set of (reasonably current) bindings, then I will just switch bindings from a 3 year old pair of Rossy B-2's, which would be great since I am on a tight budget this year...but I don't want to sacrifice any performance with less than optimal binding set up.

I often hear people here refer to mounting bindings in front or behind the standard location in order to alter performance in one way or another. Although I am not aware of this in specific reference to the RX 8, is there any application of that theory here in my 'quest' for fun but slower, shorter turns in the fall line?
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I assume that your B2 has a Look/Rossi binding. This should be no problem with a flat RX 8. The standard riser with the binding should be fine. The mounting position question is controversial. The ski will perform well with standard mounting and will willingly produce a variety of turn shapes. There are people who advocate a more forward mounting position which places the "ball of the foot" directly over the center of the skis contact length. This is independent of overall ski length and refers to the center of the actual running surface of the ski. It does not use the manufacturer's boot sole mark at all. The effect is supposed to be to make the ski more responsive to edge input and increase tail hold (decrease tail-skid?). While there are people who swear by this mounting technique, it is far from universally accepted. I would think it would be more helpful on a wider, stiffer ski in which you were trying to induce a bit more quickness, edge to edge. It seems to me that a quick turning ski like the RX8 probably wouldn't benefit as much from this treatment, but there are people here much more Knowledgeable than I who can give you more info.
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Thank you. Anyone feel that this approach might be of value with the Fischer RX 8 in order to facilitate slower short turns?
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