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A Basin?

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I am considering going to A Basin tomorrow (Thu). Anyone been there recently? I'm wondering what it's like - what's still open and how good is snow cover.

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I'll be there tomorrow. The top is still in pretty good shape.

I was there on Monday and downloading (Exhibition lift) hadn't started yet. Ramrod was still skiable - but barely. Sundance was in pretty good shape, but the path was getting narrow. Closing day is June 10. Heavy sigh :-(
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Snow cover's still really good - the higher you go, the better

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I made it there last Thursday. It was as you described it. It was a pretty good day - couple of runs, a beer, couple more runs, another beer, lunch, a beer, and so on. Normally I never combine beer and skiing, but this time of year I'm not very serious about the skiing. Sure wish A-Basin could get approval for snowmaking and year round operation.

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Hi Jim,

So what is the deal with the snow making? Do you know? I've heard so many different stories...

I'm considering one more day - I have 69 days and might as well get 70, eh? I'm wondering if it's worth one more trip.

Thanks in advance -
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I understand that there are some water rights issues as well as environmental concerns. I read somewhere that the Snake River has a high heavy metal content due to old mining activity, and it is believed that run off from year round snow pack created by snowmaking would increase the concentration.

I think it may also be thought by the powers that be that year round operation could interfere with wildlife migration routes, although the wildlife I have observed is found mainly in the parking lot.

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