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Demo Days

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Little bit pissed this morning as I just found out that Whiteface had their demo days yesterday. I have done some checking of other mountains websites and have found no mention of any demo days, so I'm turning to this site. Does anyone have any info on when and where there are demo day opertunities on the East coast? Any help would be apreciated
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laze, the only advice I can give is to find and check out the web site of each area you'd visit if they had demo days. Find that part of the site that says something like "Events Calendar". The demo days frequently will be listed there.
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thats what I thought too, but i've checked several places and no luck. I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to advertise something like that. However, given the fact that many eastern mountains don't advertise ways to save money on lift tickets I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
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Check with the nicer ski shops at your resorts of choice. The manufacturers are going to do demo days in support of their dealer network, for it is the retailer that has a vested interest in hooking you with a demo ride. If there is a resort demo day it will likely be hosted by one of the retail shops that operate at that resort. Generally speaking, unless the resort owns the store, the resort itself has no interest in hosting a demo day. I hope you find what you're looking for . . . . what are you looking for?
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not looking for anything that I couldn't just walk into a shop and take out for a weekend, but it would be nice to be able to try several similar skis in similar conditions.

As for the skis I was looking at specificly I wanted to try the Volkl G4 vs the Solomon 1080 vs the Bandit XX

Other then looking at specific skis I look at a demo day as an opportunity to see whats out there or to try a ski that I normally wouldn't consider buying, such as the Supersport 5 Star or the Dynastar SkiCross 10 as I already have a ski that fits those needs.
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There is a New Hampshire events list at www.skinh.com that might be useful, although many areas have already had theirs.

Can you do a high-perf rental from the on-mountain shop somewhere? I would think you'd be able to change skis at least once during the day if it's not an overly busy day, although I have not tried this myself (yet.)
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Some Demo Days are pre-scheduled onto the event calendar. They, however, might be cancelled because of conditions on the dates selected. A re-scheduling might happen without an update to the event calendar. As said, contact ski shops in the resort area to find out when the demos might be scheduled. If you don't manage to coincide your day on the hill with the demos, visit your favourite retailer and demo from them. Your rental charge will usually be deducted from the purchase price of your new skis, up to a limit, so its basically free too.
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Bristol Mouintain has a demo day scheduled for December 28th. They also have a new summit demo center that will have its grand opening on Dec. 28th and then be open throughout the season.
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