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Not sure what year they were made and I can't find any signs of use or wear.

I can't seem to find much info on them. A friend gave them to me because they did not fit his feet. Then they sat in his garage for several years. (pain in too many places to even try getting them fitted) I don't know why he even purchased them.:

In any case.

BetaFlex 9.07 Size 25.5 Sole Length 296
It says offset shell on the toe.
Gray and red shell virtually no wear on the toe and heel.
I can't find any scuff marks on the sides that might suggest they have ever been skied.
These had the Hotronic footbeds built in but the footbeds and batteries are missing although the battery mounting bracket is still installed. You will need to supply your own footbeds.
Sticker on the side indicates flex index of 7.

Lets start at $125.00 plus shipping. Make me an offer.