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An Ode

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Perfect Turn,
Men have claimed you
while aspirants stemmed ahead,
authoring skiddish signatures.
You are a rumor
claimants name as an intimate
because they have seen you in a crowd,
witnesses who saw the flash of your dress
but testified to the color of your eyes.
They dress you
with descriptions and schematics,
exhibitions and mathematics,
dogmatic renditions of equations.
You are change, simply,
in direction and intent,
a line
to where you are going
from where you went.
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Just my kind of poetry!
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There was a young man from Nantucket...
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...who hit with his foot in the bucket.
when the ump yelled "STRIKE THREE,"
the young man asked, "who, me?"
to which the ump said "i don't see kirby puckett."



"Whaddaya want for nothin', rrrrrrrrrrrrubber BEEEEScuits?"

[ May 16, 2003, 03:50 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Nice lines, Ryan.
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That was a beautiful poem. Did you just write it?

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Ryan, did you attend poetry at the university?
Nice ode.
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