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most memorable powder day

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Where was your most memorable day in the deep? How big was the cliff you dropped? How deep was the snow? How many fresh tracks did you lay?
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6 inches of Tennessee's steepest and deepest! Unfortunately, there was only about 100 vert of it like that. The rest was already tracked up, but what was left, none of the snivveling tourists would touch leaving all the more for yours truly
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waist deep, warmish snow that piled up around your chest and sloughed off out of its own weight, not Little Cottonwood snow by any means, but better than Sierra Cement or Mt Baker Mashed... rock chutes OB were stellar, but the gentler pitches below 20deg caused huge slowing.

of course, maybe if I had fatties on that day (I was on Axis X) I'd not have had such a hard time with the gentler pitches.

this was last Winter. the conditions were about like this:

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The first week of April 1989 at Breckenridge.A spring storm dumped 7 feet in 4 days. The last day of the storm I was able to get first tracks on Mach 1. What really made this run unforgetable was making 5 turns tunneling under the snow like a vole. I don't know if you could get that deep with todays fat skis but it was sure fun on a 205.
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December 1st, Grand Targhee, 1995. 98" fell in under 72 hours. Sick, sick powder that required renting some fat heli skis because my 205 7S's sank like freaking submarines in that stuff and the it seemed bottomless. It was a weird feeling to have to "swim" when falling to stay on top of the snow.

2nd best, Fat Tuesday this year at Steamboat. 26" fell that day and on Wednesday morning I was 4th chair in line on Pioneer Ridge. Awesome day, the top of PR had snow elbow deep. Found fresh tracks late into the day by skiing the trees in Wallyworld. No need for fatties here, the Crossmax's handled like a dream in 2-3 feet.

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Christmas day, 1982 at Alta. 18" of new snow. The sky was clear, the air cold and the snow light. It was my first season skiing in Utah and it was my first real powder day. I struggled in that bottomless stuff but I did have moments where I felt the sweet sensation of powder skiing.

That is a day I would like to experience again, especially if could bring along my midfats. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hmm...I don't have any. My best conditions were man made snow that was atleast a week old. Some of it icy some of it slushy.
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Kirkwood, 21" overnight. Fresh tracks all day in the trees. Snow waist deep, no crowds. The chutes and drops were off 11 were amazing.

Vail, 2000, opening day of the backside. Snow shoulder deep, choking on snow after every turn. face shots everywhere. Looking back up at the tracks I laid was the coolest thing I have ever done on skis.
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I have 2. One was at Winter Park about waste deep. Great time in the vasquez cirque. It was my first time skiing powder. Made me angry to live in Wisconsin! The other memorable powder day was at heavenly. It was about 2 feet of fresh. Did some tree skiing then headed to mott canyon.
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When we get overnight dumps beyond 2' it is nice, but its not always epic. Too much snow can be a problem and getting stuck in snow up to your knees is not fun on a snowboard......

I've had very memorable days such as;

Coldest powder day, 17" new and -3 degrees at Hyak.... Great conditions but very very cold.

My most epic day was at Mt Baker late April. After close to 20" of new it was a nice, clear day and we were hiking the arm from the top of chair 8.....that was a freak'n AWESOME day that would be tough to top.

(pic dropping off snow cornice)
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Man you gotta get off the garbage mounds and head about 5 hours East when the storms are coming through. We had plenty of 10-12" days last year and should have plenty more this year at 7 Springs and Hidden Valley. It's certainly not epic but it should get you started on the craving for powder.

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Wow! There have been sooo many, it's going to be hard to pin point one over all the rest over the years. Any powder day is a special day.

I'm going to list a few but the deepest pow was about 9 years ago at Steamboat. 37" of Champagne Powder measured on Storm Peak. The snow was so deep you could stand at the top of Whiteout and not know it was a bump run until you skied it.

The first time I ever skied real deep stuff was at Park City back in 1985. Report said 30" but was over my waist everywhere that day. Struggled a bit till I hooked up with some "locals" and ended up having a blast. It was almost as deep the next day at Snowbird and much the same the next day at Alta. Surely an Epic trip, my first time to Utah.

Just this past February in Colorado was Epic. Skied three days in a row at Copper and in that stretch over five feet of pow dumped. Hit the back side right after it was bombed by the Patrol and stayed there till the legs gave out.

Two years ago, My Cousin Rob and I hit Vail at the right time. It was the day they opened Blue Sky Basin for the first time that year. Must have been five feet of fresh and snowed most of the day. Had to stay in the trees there to even see where you were going. Later spent the afternoon jumping of the rocks of Dragon's Teeth over in China Bowl. That was Epic!

Maybe the most memorable was at Squaw three years ago at the first Epic Ski Gathering. Skiing about a foot of fresh with A.C. Pierre, Tag, J.B. Jim and others. We had fresh snow all three days that I skied. Can't forget PowDigger either, and I might add, that even with a shoulder that was torn up, I was the only one who hiked a trail to help Ed gather his belongings, Sorry Ed, had to put that in. I wish I could ski with all you guys again. That was fun.

I could go on and on. So you see, they're all memorable.
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Originally posted by cumerritt:

Where was your most memorable day in the deep?

My most memorable day was at (surprise, surprise) Jackson Hole twenty years ago.

I wrote an article about it that was published in Powder magazine in 1986. If you'd like to read it (he said coyly), it's in the Premium Article Section of the EpicSki Supporter Area. Look for "Not a Bad Place to Start".

If you're not already a Supporter, this would be a great excuse for you to help AC keep EpicSki healthy. There's los of excellent articles in that section.


P.S. The Powder editors and I argued over the title. I wanted it to be "On The Right Track" since it's about a storm track.

They ran the magazine. They won.
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Gosh there have been quite a few days. But these two stand out in my mind.

Around April 24, 2002, Snowbird National Academy. First day of the academy 6ft. had fallen the previous days and 1 ft. of snow the previous night. Baldy had not opened since the snow had fallen and opened about 10am in the morning. 7ft of new snow to ski. Quite interesting to ski considering I had never before seen that much snow and I was on slalom skis for the first run. Boy did I sink. But afterthe first run I switched to a demo pair of fat skis and I experienced the floating sensation for the first time. Sweet!

Vail, March 2003 Alot of snow had fallen, I don't remember how much, but standing untop of Lookma I was not able to see any bumps. It was so much fun to ski. I fell a couple of times and I had a hard time getting up because i was laughing so hard. There was so much snow i didn't know which way was up or down. I felt like I was in one of those gym pools with all the colored balls that keep moving. The rest of the day we skied in the trees and had face shots for most of the day.

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A few years ago, Mammoth got about 1.5 feet overnight. But when chair 22 opened, and I dropped into Avy chute 2, the wind had deposited enough in there to make it waist deep. I did the whole thing in about 10 turns. Possibly the most exhileration I've ever felt while skiing.
Also, at the gathering last year there was a run through some tight aspen and birch trees at DV that was pretty magical. Not particularly deep (18") or steep, but it was a joyous occasion. I should have tried harder to convince some in my party that day to share it.
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Originally posted by IndyJones:
Hmm...I don't have any. My best conditions were man made snow that was atleast a week old. Some of it icy some of it slushy.
C'mon, Indy! Come out and visit us!

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Originally posted by cumerritt:
Where was your most memorable day in the deep? How big was the cliff you dropped? How deep was the snow? How many fresh tracks did you lay?
18" of fresh at Loveland midwinter 2000. Ride the chair, take any line down. Only concern is missing trees. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] Still snowing, so there are about 400 of us on the entire mountain. Had fresh tracks all day. So exhausted that I couldn't push the clutch without my leg shaking. And got to share it with two great friends!

Those same two friends drove up with me last spring for what turned out to be the "Storm of the Century". : We drove the pass just before they closed it [img]tongue.gif[/img] and got into Breck late. Next morning, reported 18" at Breck (2' at A!). Yo-yoed the T most of the day, picking lines in Horseshoe and the entire treed area north of the T. Snowed in by a closed I-70, we "had to" ski again on Wednesday. Again reporting 18", but we found pockets of 3' in the trees off the T. Dropped a 10' mini-cliff without seeing it and thought the landing was going to tear out my arms! More fun than a human should be allowed to have, I think. I can't wait to do it again!!!

Snow dreams,
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The last one.
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