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best crash ever, check your ego at the door

I just read over in the Technique forum about one of X-EastCoaster's favorite falls, and got to thinking about mine from last year. Post yours, too!


Skiing with Uncle Louie and some friends fairly early in the season at Breck. We skied down below the base of chair 6 heading for the ride up Peak 9 from the creek bed. As I got to the cat track along the creek, I caught an edge and launched, towards the creek!

I slid through the snow, hearing this sound I couldn't quite place, head first downhill. As I slid to a stop, I lifted my head to see the edge of the creek at eye level, and my hands inches from the creek bed! I slowly crawled backwards up the hill until I could get my feet under me and clamber back up to the track and find the ski that had decided to leave me just when I needed it most.

It was pretty funny. Uncle Louie didn't stop laughing for a while... he kept saying things about my waterproof gloves... :
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Favorite fall

I wish I had this one on video.

Jackson Hole. Trees. Things were going well when most of the options disappeared, and there was only one slot straight down. I should have stopped right there, but, like an idiot (I am well qualified in this area), I didn't.

It turned out I was going down a rather steep embankment above a cat track, which, of course, was dead flat.

I slammed into the cat track and launched, sans skis. No part of my body touched the cat track. I cleared it completely and went face first down the downhill side, which was just as steep as the uphill side. The steep landing (on my chest) was relatively painless, but I had to clear a mouthful of snow before I could start laughing.

The bank was steep enough so that someone had to give me a pole to grab to pull me back up. Several people asked me, incredulously, if I was all right.

My skis were neatly on the cat track at the bottom of the embankment that I had skied down, next to each other with the bindings open, ready to step into. No one had touched them.

Where is Warren Miller when you need him?
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Most of mine seen to come from carelessness on the green slopes going to lifts, etc. But the one that stands out most was on Wren Hollow at Brighton. I was on top of a "mound" and saw a jump right at the bottom, so I decided to give it a try. I didn't realize how steep the angle was and I launched about 5 feet in the air. Both ski and both poles flew off and the skis were stuck straight up in the snow. Both gloves came off too. and I landed straight on my face.
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I've done a Superman.
Right under the chairlift.
But it was a powder day.
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Too many.
Some of my best have been in the company of way too many other people.

My 2 favorites were probably at Killington, early season, at the PSIA Master's Academy (for those who don't know what that is, imagine K-Mart with 500-600 ski instructors, about 100 general public, and it's pretty much a giant dick-swinging contest : )

One was skiing some trees in some early season goods, when, at the bottom of the pitch, I unexpectedly dropped about 3-4', and slammed into a wall about 3-4' high. Turns out, I cleared the loose snow on top of a creek, and was standing in 3 inches of running water, trying to figure out how to get up the creek bank. I did this in front of Shawn Smith and our group of about 7 others.

The other, a year or two before that, but also at K-mart, I was blasting down a groomer, under a chair on the front of the hill, when both skis caught something under the snow, and I slid face-first, sans skis, poles, etc, for about 100 yards, right under the lift. Got lots of cheers for that one.

My most painful fall (other than the unremarkable fall that claimed my ACL) was on an alpine race board in the icy half pipe (yeah, that was my first mistake), when I pushed too hard off the lip, fell about 10-15 feet onto solid bulletproof, landing on my hip. I literally crawled out the bottom of the half pipe. That bruise lasted about 3 1/2 months.
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I was skiing at Mt. Baker during the world record snowfall year of '98-'99 otherwise known as the "year without visibility."

I was skiing with my young son on chair 4/5 going down White Salmon. He was on the groomer and I was poaching powder off of the sides of the run. Visibility was bad with heavy snow and high winds.

The wind was so intense that it was making an invisible cornice at the BOTTOM of a slope, about a foot higher than the rest of the new snow. The wind was packing it down pretty well.

I was carrying a fair amount of speed and skiing the pow, probably about Two feet deep or so, until I suddenly ran into the cornice and buried both ski tips in it. My skis stopped suddenly and I ejected from both. Still holding onto my poles I executed a complete forward flip and landed sitting down up to my armpits in new, soft snow. It felt like sitting in an easy chair. It happened so fast I didn't know anything until I was seated. I wish I could do it again, it was fun! My son laughed his head off.
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I was skiing at Stowe over Winter Break, and since the lines at the Quad were tremendous we thought it would be a good idea to take the Double up. Just as my chair is coming around, the liftie jerks the lift to a stop because the two snowboarders ahead of me were using Silver Seasons passes which were blacked out for that day. When he stopped the lift the chair in front of me whipped back and the bar that helps lower and raise the restraint bar slammed my knees sending sidewayd into a liftie. The whole way up I was hurting and the rest of the day too. But wait thats not all, as I get off, the lift speeds up and hits my in the arse and now my butt and knees kill. Sounds fun, right?
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This is probably my favorite story to tell...
Vail, CO last christmas break

I was getting on to a lift from one of the bowls(dont remember which one) with my family, and thought I recognized the guy a few spots in line ahead. I couldn't quite place it, but I was pretty sure I had seen him from some sort of ski film or magazine. I got to the top, and thought to myself....I know him from somewhere....he must be some sort of ski pro or something.

When I got to the top, I decided to chase his group down and try and ski with him. His group stopped right up on this small cornus, and I skied right up next to him and said "Hey bro, mind if I ski a run with you?" And he said "sure, no problem." Pretty nice.

I then skied over to some girl in his group and asked her why I am recognizing the guy in her group, and to my sweet surprise she said "Oh, thats Chris Anthony from all the Warren Miller films!" I got pretty excited, and his group took off.

They ducked a rope and started skiing down, everyone from his group went to the right while Chris went to the left. I thought to myself, "What the hell have I got to lose, this is probably a once in a life time opportunity!" And followed.

He took a line through some bumps and then headed off this 5 foot rock or so, stuck it, and skied the rest of the way down. I noticed the rock, stopped, and said "screw it, I've got to at least try!" And promptly launched off the rock.

And crashed. Went forward over myself, lost a ski and all of my self respect. I had to hike up on my hands and knees because of the steep deep snow, and by the time I had buckled in, his group took off, which had watched me hike up and get myself back together...I'm sure they got some good laughs.

My ego made me go back, and I stuck the landing 3 times in a row afterwards. I think I was just too excited before. Oh well.
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Nice to 'read' you all again after the summer hiatus (I know summer is still going, but I'm doing a snow dance every morning ).

Mont St. Anne skiing with some friends.. I was assigned with keeping the rear (in case of yard sales or other mishaps) with short forays ahead whenever I found some good snow. After one of these jumps ahead, I stopped and let myself slide backwards across the slope toward the forest while watching my friends ski by... next thing I know, I'm shooting backwards down the steep slope, through trees, bushes and hip-high snow. Before I had time to turn around I stopped in some dinky tree whose branches split in a V at knee level... my torso hanging off it on the other side (the slope was steep, my head was barely grazing the powder) both skis up in the air and knees wedged too well into the V to kick out. Stupid
30 minutes later I quit my frantic tries to extricate myself, caved in and yelled for help (in French ). By the time some quys waded down to me and got me out of the tree there was a sizeable crowd up top - including some chucklehead with a camera, all of them laughing their collective asses off.

Disclaimer: no Jinxies were harmed in this adventure.. just my ego.

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I was skiing Cannon, NH with some friends two years ago. They had never been to Cannon before, so I was giving them the grand tour. We got to the top of Avalanche trail -- freshly groomed, pretty steep, with a real long flat runout at the bottom. I told my friends to carry some speed so that they'd make it across the runout without poling. I then decided to show my friends how this is suppossed to be done. : I was hauling; about a third of the way down my skis caught on something, and as they say, that was that. Total yard sale. Poles and skis went flying, I landed on my ass and went on an out-of-control slide to the bottom. My buddies were doubled over from laughter, but they collected my stuff and at the bottom I clicked back into my skis, etc. Of course, now I'm at a dead stop at the start of this long runout. I got some good skating practice in getting out of there!

There was another time that I was skiing Middle Hardscrabble at Cannon. No snowmaking, no grooming, semi-narrow and pretty steep in places. It's a trail that I've never found a redeeming feature of, but every now and then I ski it to humble myself some more. I was hacking my way down once and the final pitch was absolutely clear ice. It is the only time I've ever seen ice in the classic definition -- i.e., "if you can't read a newspaper through it, it's not ice". This stuff was clear; you could plainly see the rocks and grass and stuff underneath it. About a 100 yard stretch of this stuff. I tried side-slipping it; I managed to get about 2 yards before falling. Slid the rest of the way down on my butt. My skis popped off at some point and just slid down to the bottom alongside me. Why that trail was open is beyond me.

Back in my instructor days I was taking a clinic. This was in the days of the old "straight" skis. Really warm day; about six inches of glop atop mush. I was getting my butt handed to me. At one point my skis were just trapped -- I couldn't turn and the trees along the side of the trail were getting close. So I attempted a jump turn. Whatever made me think that I could jump my skis free from 6" of mashed potatoes? Well, I was young and stupid. When I jumped both skis released, and I basically wound up flying through the air sans skis and I quickly slid to a stop. The clinician was right behind me when it happened. He had tears running down his cheeks from laughing so hard. I hiked back up and the two of dug around in the glop to find my skis which had failed to surface. We eventually got to the bottom and we had a little discussion about the best way to handle those conditions; somebody suggested "with a cold beer in front of the fireplace". That idea was quickly seconded by somebody, and we called it quits.
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My last fall was the best.
Cubco double release. :
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OK, I'll play.....

....was leading a class of 8 yo's through a beginner park, you know really low box, rail about 6" off the snow, some jumps, etc. Turned around switch to watch them hit the features, caught an edge, went flying. I was so proud when they hustled up to me and asked, "Are you still alive?"

Now here's a question, why are so many people having such great falls when sliding switch?
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Funniest fall, Somewhere in Summit County, maybe Copper. My friend was filming me launch off a rock when my skis stuck on the landing. Both skis (Volants) came off and one of them, launched straight up in the air about 10 feet, pink powder cord visibly in tow marking the trajectory. Meanwhile, down on the ground, I did a forward roll and ended sitting up, facing the camera with my face covered in snow, right in the path of my skyrocketing ski. It came down squarely on my head with a loud thud that you can hear on camera, it was classic. I just sat there and yelled OW!!!

Unfortunately, on the same tape, my friend blew his ACL on a different jump, and the tape went to Vermont Safety for analysis before I got to copy it..... Although I tried to get a copy of it, my friends at Vermont Safety couldn't locate it.

On a similar note, skiing bumps at Killington, somewhere in the Canyon area. I drove my ski too hard into the face of a bump and I clicked out, the ski decambered and launched straight up in front of me. I leaned back to avoid it hitting my face, skied directly under it and stopped about 3 bumps down as the ski landed uphill of me, while it just missed hitting my friend, who was skiing directly behind me.
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Another couple, one me, one not, both at Blue Mountain, Ontario (hi, Ghost!).

The first one (chronologically) was in the late 70s with my ski team. We loved our trips to Blue because of all the extra vertical we got (hey, compared to Mt. Holly, MI!). We were rippin' all over the mountain feeling pretty good about ourselves, and worked our way across the mountain skiers left to a fairly steep bump run that looked like natural snow. As we crested the drop-off in a flying wedge (the formation, not the technique!) with me at the lead, we dropped in. I heard all kinds of "interesting" sounds behind me as, one-by-one, my teammates went down. About 3/4 of the way down the face, I caught an edge and lost both skis, and slid head-first the rest of the way (at a pretty good clip). The interesting thing at this point for me to notice was the line of people at the bottom of the face waiting for a lift. Lined up across the hill. Right in my path!

I slid down the hill, slowing as I approached them. They parted. I slid through and eventually stopped. Of course, my skis were still attached. "Safety" straps...
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Second one that I remembered at Blue...

When I was in college (early 80s), we did a ski trip to Blue from Michigan State. At the end of the trip, we had to race home to beat a real Nor'easter that ended up closing MSU the next day (but that's another story).

Anyway, we stayed at a hostel a short ways up the mountain, so we were able to ski to the chair in the morning. My posse and I headed out for first chair, enjoying the little bit of fresh that had fallen ahead of the impending storm. My buddy Eric yelped for joy on his new Kastles, and did a little shortswing. The next thing I saw was snow. Everywhere! With hints of body parts within it.

Out of this huge cloud of snow, his skis come flying as though they were shot from a cannon. First one, then the other. The snow clears, and there's Eric. Standing. Poles in hand and stuck in the ground. Like he's skiing. But no skis!

I still don't know what maneuver his body did in the air, but the result was impressive. It must have been! It's been over 20 years! :
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Snow snakes! I had a funny yard sale 2 years ago at Timberline West Virgina. It was late March and they had just an unseasonable 3 feet of late season snow in the last week. I was skiing with some guys who I knew from DCski and we were hitting the Cherry Bowl glades. Toward the bottom I was trying to carry as much speed as possible to make it back to the green cruiser. I was going pretty fast at the decided to jump the 5 foot ledge down onto the groomed trail. 2 feet from the edge my right ski got caught under a snow making hose and I did a superman onto the green slope
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I was skiing on a cattrack at Buttermilk in Aspen on a new pair of skis.
Going less than 10 miles an hour and sliding the skis back and forth I caught
an edge. If I were going faster I would have skidded, but at that speed I
just went over, knocking myself out and breaking my clavical. I wore a
helmet after that.
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ahh so many to choose from...

1. When I first went to the terrain park at Breck, I made the mistake of not spotting out my jumps before I hit them. So I watch a couple of people go off them and I try and calculate their speed. So my turn comes up and I start down the hill. I'm used to the jumps at keystone by now, and for anyone who's skied there you know that sometimes you have to get quite a bit of speed to barely pass the table. Anyway, I head down and instinctively I sense that I'm not going fast enough. So I start skating and poling once I'm about halfway to the kicker. I hit the jump and I'm about to do a backscratcher when I look down and watch the landing go by. I naturally scream "oh my gosh!!!" and start flailing around in the air. I know what's about to come and hope that maybe I'll just break my legs. The end result was me hitting the flats getting whip-lashed into my own knees, and my back ended up being sore for the rest of the season.

2. I had recently gotten a new pair of Beast 69 skis (which were nice until they broke like a toothpick!!!) and I was screaming down one of Vail's awesome runs. I see a snowboarder in front of me and see him look to his right where I was at. So I ASSUME that he saw me, and I start to pass him. As I'm passing him he cuts the hardest right turn I've ever seen that close and runs straight into my left ski (making a huge cut in it BTW...). I ended up flipping over my skis as they both popped off, and landed on my rear skidding down the hill. As I'm sliding on my imaginary sled I see a twirling ski pass overhead and stick into the snow ahead of me. The boarder apologized and we both had an awesome day at Vail.

3. At keystone's terrain park I decided to stupidly hit the jumps without spotting them out first. And I also decide that I want to try out some advice I've heard before: that if you can get a lot more speed riding fakie if you crouch down in the first and put your weight forward (kind of like a racing crouch, only backwards, kind of...). So I do it and pop off the kicker. As I rotate around I see that I'm clearing the landing again, but my skis are still pointed down as if I was going to land on a slope. I ended up hitting the snow first with the tips of my skis and landing on my knees and then my face.

And there are so many more...
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84, I met my wife to be. We were married in the spring on 85.

That is what you were talking about, right? Seasons?
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Originally Posted by carbonissimo View Post
My last fall was the best.
Cubco double release. :

Wow! You have not fallen in 39 years. What have you been up to since you quit skiing?
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Originally Posted by darkmark View Post
ahh so many to choose from...

1. When I first went to the terrain park at Breck, I made the mistake of not spotting out my jumps before I hit them...

3. At keystone's terrain park I decided to stupidly hit the jumps without spotting them out first...
I'm sensing a trend here with these stories... Glad too hear that you weren't too badly hurt.
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1980: Junior year HS, I had the Rossi rep living at my house, he took me up to Hunter. On the first run, about 4 turns into the headwall of Hellsgate, I released and slid all the way down. I was sooo embarrassed.

1985 Up with a bunch of buddies at Mt. Snow. On Ripcord, my Marker MRR just opened up. I started to tumble faster and faster down, I had snow in the goggles so I couldn’t see and I was trying to get my other 204cm ski off so it wouldn’t snap my leg.

2004 Skiing with Max Capacity at Okemo, great snow day, I forget which trail, but got caught in the heavy snow on the side of the trail and did a header into the snow, wacked a rock, not too bad, but went out and got a helmet pretty much right after.
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I dropped into Corbetts Couloir. I was severyly hung over from the night before and had no busisness attempting this couloir in that state of mind. But I did it anyways. Upon landing I put a tooth through my lip. From there I started tumbling head over heels. During this tumbling I knee smashed my nose this time and thought I broke it. I did not, just bloddied it up good. The thing is there was a gathering a people at the top to watch me crush myself till I finally came to a stop. I skied down to find a ski patrol and asked him for a few bandages, LOL. I skied the rest of the day easily and did not drink that night! Next day I conqured it with a good nights sleep and a clear head.
Moral of my story, don't ski hard terrain when severly hung over!
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Lots of falls but some that stick out...

I was a senior in HS. Had to have my wisdom teeth out. Mom plans it for a Friday morning so I won't miss too much school. We got a lot of snow that Saturday. Skiing soft bumps at Round Top on Sunday, found the only ice on the mountain and managed to hit my head...hard...blew out all the stitches from the wisdom teeth. Spitting blood everywhere, but didn't quit skiing until 4:00

Next year, race training. GS course, fairly fast. Hit a gate (bamboo back in those days) dead on with the tip of my uphill ski. Not sure how or why, but the damn thing just released. Headed into the woods on the side of a trail faster than I care to remember. Bailed out and wrapped myself around a tree. Not sure how I didn't kill myself but only had the wind knocked out of me. Coach ahd already called the ski patrol. I'm sure I made some pretty funny noises when the asked me if I was OK.

Jump ahead 15 years...skiing trees in a blinding snowstorm at Park City. Never been in this area before, but it was so sweet, I wasn't wasting a run to scope it out. As I reached the end of the trees, there was a 5 foot drop (couldn't see it because of the vis) that ended at a snow-covered access road. There was a continuation of the slope below it...you've already read the rest of the story above...except the first person to get to me was a ski patrol guy that pretty much witnessed the whole thing. He was laughing his a$$ off once he realized I wasn't dead.

2 years ago, skiing in lake effect at Labrador...I actually came home early from a business trip in Denver that week because the snow here in CNY was better than in Colorado...can't see anything, but I know Lab pretty well. Come out of some trees onto a fairly steep and narrow trail that's rarely open (no snowmaking, lousy exposure) and head back toward the lift. Forgot about the stream that crosses that trail and that the bridge over the stream is only about 25 feet wide and in the middle of the trail. It was marked but I couldn't see it because of 'excessive speed for the conditions'. Both skis dive into the opposite bank and I do a double eject endo into the fluff - no witnesses - I was completely buried and if I had been badly hurt, they may not have found me until April. When I thought about all the bad injuries that coulda happened and didn't, I almost gave up skiing for the day...almost...snow was too good.
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Hey Steve you poached my "best crash ever" thread!!


1994 early November opening day mt snow first day of the year after skiing over 100 days the previous year(unemployed and part time ski instructor 92/93 season) ...brand new pro formed rossi 208 7gk's the purple and silver beautis with marker mrr racings red/white turntables. My main squeeze previous year had been 3 pair of Rossi 4sk - 203's. The 208 7GK a serious stepup in technique requirements to say the least. First run nice and easy uneventful. 2nd run with my 11 yr old son(strong skier) behind me I opened em up. Why, I will never know, not even close to having em dialed in...these skis for those who remember could produce world cup speeds very quickly....which they did. Exhibition, right under the lift edge locked at easily 40+mph couldn't get off it....full mobius wipeout 3/4 head over heals both skis release violently(din on 10) one ski actually hits people in a chair above according to my son. Nearly knocked out and bleeding profusely from goggle burn I inform my son we are done for the day. An older women skiing slow and smooth behind us comes up, surveys the scene, determines to her amazement that I am not dead and then says. " I have been skiing nearly 60 years. That is the best most spectacular crash I have ever seen."

Only time in nearly 20 yrs of skiing together that my oldest son has ever seen me fall. He never lets me forget it.
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Boy I can remember a lot but have to tell about the dumbest Fall.

2000 Homewood Ski Resort, Tahoe. Work as an instructor and helping out of a big race we were having on the old Tahoe Ski Bowl side of the Mt. I'm at the bottom with a very large bundle of bamboo and breakaway poles. Normally when I get on a chair with a bundle I'll put them over my should er and let them pass through the chair as it comes up. Well this bundle was so big I decided to put them on my lap across in front of me. Worked really well -for about 10 seconds. Old chair, lift tower lst one is just barely off to the left on the way up. Hit the entire bundle on chair lift tower and this catapulted me off the chair. Was about 15 feet high and threw poles everywhere, looked like pick up sticks game of old. It really looked a lot worse than it was, and there was no way I was going to admit otherwise to all the people around me, "are you ok?" "Boy that was something" "want us to call ski patrol". The very DUMBEST AND MOST EMBARRASSSING FALL I have ever taken.
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My favourite Falls is Niagra Falls. I don't quite understand how someone can have a favourite fall, but the one that sticks in my memory the most (except for some missing air time is post 16 in this old thread...
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My #1: Feb 1989, I was living in Frisco, CO. We got a 3+' dump, so me and all my housemates (5 total) all called in sick (white fever) from our jobs and headed over to Steamboat. Since my skis were in my locker at Breck, I borrowed a pair from a housemate.

On about our 2nd or 3rd run, 3 of us were traversing over to the Chute. I was looking down to my left as i traversed across the top of a cliff, scoping the place out, when my right ski got pushed by a bulge (snow covered rock?) in the snow. Next thing I know, I'm free falling head first, with nothing but shear, brown rock next to me. Since I had been looking further ahead when this happened, I didn't know what was below me, and seeing the vertical rock beside me, I figured it couldn't be good. All I thought was that I wanted it to be over quick and not feel any pain. I fully expected to die at that moment. I blacked out before I hit the ground, but as it turned out, it was a perfect landing spot. A nice steep pitch, with about 5-6' of fluff on top. I apparently fell about 20', landed on my left shoulder (basically on my head), and slid about another 10' down the deep snow covered landing spot. When I woke up and opened my eyes, I was burried in the snow. I slowly wiggled all the extremities and realized that I was not hurt at all (or so I thought - a day later, while attempting to shoot a basketball, I realized my shoulder had been tweaked a bit, but that was all). Because I slid down the hill on my head and back, I had packed some snow under me and cleared enough snow to be able to get up somewhat easily for being in 5+ feet of new snow. It took 3 of us about 20-30 minutes to find one of the skis.

A little later in the day, while skiing Shadows, I wrapped myself around a large aspen, but did nothing more than a minor bruise to the inside of my right knee that showed up a couple days later.

I tried to kill myself twice that day, but it was one of the most fun days of skiing I've ever had.
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the moral of JohnH's stories: all you aspiring ski bums out there, don't go to Summit County.

I grew up in a area with lots of water falls; I'd like to think it prepared me for an adulthood of snow falls.
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These are just great and make me laugh out loud with a little of the "been there, done that" type of reminders. Glad most came out little or uninjured.

My most memorable fall, not favorite was at Mt. Bachelor, spring skiing, soft snow at bottom in lift lines. I ski up to lift, have to go thru line maze even thou totally empty, uphill soft mush. Poling between skis with herring bone, oops pole sticks, ski over it, falling about 1 mph, don't want to fall on face with glasses on, twist, fall, dislocate shoulder. Of course last lift, farthest from lodge. Buddies leave on lift to get to lodge. Snowmobile takes me to lodge and Ski Patrol. About 45 minutes later, one buddy finally gets to me. He says, "you're not fixed up?", apparently mistaking the ski patrol shack for the local hospital. "Of course not you jerk, I'm in pain here, get the driver and we need to go to the hospital" "OH, OK I will get them out of the bar. Too bad, we had a great table looking out over the hill" Buddies come to the car, look at me, finally some faster movement. They sneak two pitchers of beer out of bar, and we leave, all buddies drinking in back. Bend is about 20 miles from Batchelor and we do a mister Toads wild ride to hospital. I get relocated and we drive back to Portand as was last day, thank goodness.
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