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My best crash was not too long ago. I think it was december 11th last year, so like 3 months ago.

I was at Sunshine Village in alberta, canada and was going down the main run from angel chairlift. I was coming down along with my other 4 friends, and there were like 5 people stopped at this place between a couple of trees, and I was just coming down a slope, pretty decent speed, and I just took this jump. I didn't even know it was a jump. everybody was looking down there because there was a moderate say 60 degree drop, only for about like 5 metres, when before it was just a straight plain run. Anyway, I just went on that thing, didn't even see it coming, and I saw myself flying through the air and like going "WHOOOOA". I just fell into the powder 10m away and rolled over 2 times as my skis fell. Me and my friends laughed a lot about it after. It was just plain awesome crash. I can still remember the moment when I was going through the air just realizing everybody had stopped because there was a good jump right here.
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Twas a few years back at Snowmass.
My first attempt at a backscratcher.
The jump was located at the end of a tree line.
And right in front of a ski patrol lodge.
The landing was perfect...the incline, the amount of snow, and the softness.
The takeoff was ideal too in that it sent you up and out and not just out.
I have a picture lying around somewhere but I can't find it.
There was about 10 feet underneath my legs.
And I prolly shot out a good 20+.
So I take off with decent speed.
Pop it.
Kick my legs back.
But totally paused and didn't really bring them back down.
Hit the ground like you couldn't believe.
Both skis flying off....goggles, gone.
I spent the next 10 minutes just lying in such disgrace...pain as well.

There wasn't much of a reaction from the patrol guys, so it was hard to tell if it was cool that I went big or that I just looked like a fool. Eitherway, I got up, skied down a little bit....got some confidence, and nailed it on my 2nd try off a rock.
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Embarassment - This one cost my batchelorhood

I am happy - Oh so happy

I am skiing with Martine...(girlfriend of some months standing)

I've been skiing for years - this is her first time on skis - but I always said to myself that any wife of mine would need to enjoy skiing

She enjoys her first run - Good enough - into a restaurant and I do the bended knee thing. Yup - We plan to marry. We ski a few more runs - and I come over all romantic - need to take her somewhere beautiful and impress her (She is a climber and loves the mountains but in South Africa they don't get to ski them)

So now its time to set off for the Aigulle Peircee in Tignes (The eye of the needle) This is a high ridge outcrop of rock way above the Iseran Valley - (L'Espace du Killy) you reach it and traverse over to a hole in the rock - clamber through it (skis off) and enjoy one of the best views the world has to offer (Just about any website of Tignes has pictures of the eye of the needle try http://www.tignes.co.uk/360_Panorama.htm )

So we are sitting on this rock and the pitch below it is fairly steep (hence my knickname - fairly) - I guess it is maybe 45 degrees (depends on how much snow is sticking) for the first 15 feet and then has a long run out ending back on piste.

It is also on the East Face of the mountain so I reckon the boilerplate Ice will have softened - WRONG - it has been in the shade.

We both have skis off so climb down rocks onto ICE, Martine (wisely) decides to climb down the first pitch over the rocks and then shuffle down on her bottom.

Glibly _ I think pop skis on and off we go hehe

So I cant get a platform anywhere for my skis to stick my boots into the bindings, and fall on my ass (gamely laughing, and trying to recover grip on this fairly (that word again) slippery stuff (while combing back my hair in the reflection).

No can do

I proceed at ever increasing pace, trying to recover grip on two skis and my potential yard-sale offerings, Pdoing off goes the first ski windmilling down the slope.

Sensibly I decide now to go with it - for maybe 200ft - relaxing so I won't break. Moguls ahead - bounce - now my bottom is well padded, but not for hopping from mogul to mogul - Eventually I slide to a stop

One year later we are married but the friction burn from the ice on one calf is still bright purple - (like a birth mark) yup localised 3rd degree burns

Happily she still married me and we are off to Tirol Austra next week
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Yesterday, actually.

Great pow day in breckenridge.

For the last run we hiked up to the peak 9 chutes. I dropped in and did some wonderful pow turns for the first 2/3 or so and decided to straightline down to make it over a flat.

Unofortunatly, that wonderful pow was perfectly concealing a beachball sized rock. I hit the rock head on and did a double eject superman. Was flying facefirst for another pile of rocks but had the presence of mind to do a quick handspring and flip over onto my back and hit the rocks hard.

Knocked the wind out of me for a good 20 seconds and gave me a slew of bruises (I can barely move my left thumb). Onlookers reported they thought I was going to die- my skis apparently flew 10 feet up in the air. The toe piece on one of my bindings self destructed- It was a long slog back down.
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End of February 2004 I was skiing deep untracked powder lines at Alta on Extrovert when I saw a really nice air off a rock outcrop. Its was perfect, even marked by two red poles. I aimed right between the poles and hit the rock. Double ejection with a 1-1/2 somersault over the rock face, augering into very soft deep snow, followed by 2 more somersaults with a half twist.....right under the Sugarloaf chairlift.:

The helmet worked well, but I needed a hoover to clean up the yard sale. I take it they put those red poles in the snow for a purpose?
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Minnie's Mile in Vail. Deep powder bumps, fiance and step-son-to-be ahead of me watching me trying to make it down. Finally last 4-5 bumps felt like I could ski and came with speed into a kind of ravine (think small half pipe perpendicular to the fall line), down in, up other side, skis, legs over head total backflip, landed on my back screaming in pain. Them, standing a ways away laughing their heads off (I think she hid her laughter until I yelled that I thought I was OK.)
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I have two contenders for the worst fall:

One was last year, at the WONDERFUL Blue Hills area, at race practice. It was slalom, and I somehow managed to not only straddle a gate, but also ski my outside tip directly into the base of the gate, which ripped it off. I cartwheeled down the steepest part of the hill, and my friends and coach were laughing their heads off...
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300 feet of rag-dolling to a cliff band to flat. Almost died. Literally.
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Last March skiing the Whistler. They had just gotten about 2 feet of new snow, but it was heavy. We were skiing a great tree run and I was in a groove. I nailed a few small drops, skied the fluffy bumps better than I ever had. We stopped to chat a minute and a ski school passed by with 4 kids and a very hot female instructor. They stopped a bit farther down than us. I saw a nice looking 8 foot drop to their left and headed towards it. Got air, did an nice grab, landed in 4 feet of wet powder that IMMEDIATELY stopped my skis dead and I did a dramatic faceplant up to my ribs under the snow. As I emerged the girl laughed at me and skied off. It took me 10 sweaty minutes to find my skiis as my buddies pointed and laughed.
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I had a painful one skiing with Max Capacity last year. I feel like Forrest Gump in this sence...I I wasw skiing with Max and I had a bad wipeout..Uh-gen.

It was Mex, my son, a few buddies of mine and myself, I think we were going down World Cup just after 15 or so inches of fresh snow and I cought something under the snow that just sent me cartwheeling. I wacked my noggen real good and I have worn a helmet since.
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Fascinating that many of these posts still sound like "ego" Here's mine:
Husband, husband's best friend and I decide to take mogul clinic. we're the only ones in the group and tell her how much fun we're all gonna have 'cause we're pretty hot skiers doncha know. instructor skis off and becons us to follow. this was not down the bump run, mind you, just traverses and a blue or two to get to the start of the lesson. she stops. I pull in behind her, then husband, then husband's friend. he falls into husband who falls into me, whereupon i take out said instructor like a bad domino! very embarrassing.
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Another one that I laugh about.

Two years ago, same buddies on our annual Whistler trip. They had just gotten 3 feet (I've been VERY lucky on my trips out west) and we were having the best day of our lives out there. Endless fresh powder.

On a ride up a chair at Blackcomb (can't remember the one, 7th heaven I think) one of my buddies is talking about a wipeout he had on the last run. Something dawns on me. In the last 7 years, I had not had a yard sale fall (I mainly ski Blue Mountain so nothing hard enough to cause a fall there).

Cue Murphy's law. We are skiing this beautiful snow, and dive into a nice run that dips in and out of the trees. We are all skiing and boarding well, ear to ear smiles. I hit a particularly big powdery mogul and eject to a full yard sale. Jokes fly.

Not 100 meters farther down, same thing happens. 2 full yard sales in one run right after saying that I never fall.
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If you want embarassing, how about a complete yardsale directly under a chairlift that, due to the steepness of the slope, seemed to only be about 10 feet off the ground. I was at Crystal, skiing down what I think used to be called K-2 face at the time, and was directly under the lift (which is now gone). With all eyes watching, I had just started a hop-turn maneuver when I caught an edge. It was the most spastic-looking, uncoordinated event of my life. I tumbled over my body, bounced a few times and my skis went straight down the hill like heat-seeking torpedos. I pulled myself up from the snow to a moderate ovation from the lift riders and then began my "walk of shame" to get my skis.
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Originally Posted by Mom
Fascinating that many of these posts still sound like "ego" .
Whoops, my bad ... didn't read the original post. Two demerits for me.

How about: I’m on a 4 man / 1 woman team competing for nothing more than bragging rights, and maybe a cheesy sweatshirt. The week before the “big race” I land my first real job so naturally I decide to celebrate the night before the race. A lot.

Standing in the start shack I’m wondering if I’ll be able to keep from hurling on the starter. The starter says go … I kick, go to pole … completely miss the ground with my poles and fall flat on my face … all while my teammates, in disbelief, are yelling obscenities at me. I stand up in a huff thinking that I can salvage some semblance of a run but mange to fall over the other direction.
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Time for some Down-Under:

Firstly, a bit of a lead up...August 1983, Thredbo Australia and it's been raining in the valley all day. Nobody is in a good mood and next to nobody wished to venture up the mountain as the rain was so heavy. That night whist playing cards, the sound of rain hitting the tin roof of the shed outside the lodge window ceased. We looked up and noticed the rain had been replaced by huge, fat snow flakes. Cue the next morning and the village was loaded up with about 2' of fresh snow. Smiles all around as we rode the first lift up Crackenback where we discovered that from mid-station, it had been dumping like crazy since noon the previous day. The snow looked so inviting and the terrain appeared silky smooth - big mistake. I stated down the run getting into a nice rhythm for about 300 yards. The slope became a bit steeper and I went over the ridge only to realise that my skis were breaking through to the moguls I skied a few days ago - oops! I hit one a bit awkwardly and went into an impromptu back flip, everything seemed to be happening in slow-motion and I heard someone yell encouragement from the lift (that was almost directly overhead). I thought to myself, "I'll show him" (thinking I could pull this flip off) where-upon I not only completed the flip but I also managed to add another half for good measure. Suffice to say, the landing wasn't pretty, just comical with my body buried head-first into the new snow down to my waist. Even though all the snow, I could still hear the laughter and a score of 8½ being awarded to me from the lift.

Fast-forward to 1999 - now older and supposable wiser and responsible. This accident finished what was to be a week-long trip to Mt Hotham on the 2nd night. Night you ask, Australia must have night skiing. Well yes, but that wasn't the case here... we were heading out to dinner and were going to an area called (ironically) Dinner Plain which necessitated a ride in the local shuttle bus. I went to cross the road which was both icy and full of ruts from the cars when I lost my footing and slammed down on my backside. Now this wouldn't have been too bad, embarrassing but that's all. What happened next was that a friend behind me managed to find the same piece of ice and fall right on top of my ankle. The ankle in question was balanced over a rather icy car tyre rut at the time and his 200lb frame hit the area with gusto. I managed to get up and take a step or two - not realising the injury I had incurred only to ask that someone help me back to the ground. A trip to the ski area's emergency room in an ambulance confirmed I had broken the bone directly above the ankle itself. The next day one of my friends drove me to the nearest hospital (Wangarratta) where I spend the next 5 days drugged uo to the eyeballs until he picked me up and drove me home. The only plus of this saga was I made it into the hospital's new TV ad - not something that I would have willingly given up 5 days of skiing for though!
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"...share your most meaningful, spectacular or embarrassing fall on skis."


Last year when I saw my daughter Jane (4) in that freeze frame moment where you realize the most delicate thing you ever knew is now revolving upside down and moving along at a pretty good clip for someone who weighs in at 30# and you are a terrible father and what were you thinking and hell in all its fury wants you to know your call is important to them and they will be with your shortly and then everything just stops long enough for your gut to wrench...and the snow flies and settles and you get closer and time stops again...and she lifts herself up to a sitting position and laughs her way into the record books and the governor is on the phone and your pardon has been granted and by the way your little girl likes to go fast and has no fear so just get used to it because she's only going to get faster as you get slower so get off your chair and, well, you get the idea...

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^^^ Then some others grap the camcord, don't worry and send it into Americia's Funniest Home Videos.
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In mid winter of 1991 I was enjoying my second tour for the US Army in Germany. I and a couple of friends took a day trip to Ifen 2000, a small local area, in hopes of some good turns. Fresh snow was nonexistent, so we opted to spend most of the day at the summit gasthaus. Many good Bavarian brews later we elect to depart the top, post haste! Conditions were very hard, bordering on ice, but I was well equipped with my Kniessl White Star RS's. We bombed down blue runs avoiding slower skiers, but seriously pissed them off in the process (ugly Americans we were). Not one hundred meters from the bottom, as I was dancing through the tourist throngs, I hit a small compression and went ******* over elbows! It wasn't pretty, my Oakley Razor Blades broken into various components spread over a fifteen meter radius, my bloody temple road rash dripping onto the hardpack, gloating local Germans really appreciating the karma of the moment! I couldn't lift my right arm over my shoulder for a couple of weeks and I didn't have heart to go to the battalion aid station, for fear of having to explain the whole situation to the medical officer. Ah, youthful indiscretion, I have a million stories like this!
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I have had too many yard sales over the years to remember, but the biggest ego crush happened many years ago when I was about 20 years old. Skiing Ruthies Run at Aspen. It was good size bumps and I was alone on the run until I stopped and a beautiful girl skied past and pulled over about 25 yards below me. She looked up as if to say "let me see what you've got?" I was single at the time and all sorts of lacivious scenarios started to run through my head. I took off turning like a madman and managed to lose it just above her causing me to hit her staight down the fall line with one leg on each side of hers. I totally flattened her. Fortunately neither of us was hurt but, needless to say, I spent the rest of the day skiing without her company.
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If you like fog skiing, come to the Pacific Northwest.

Was skiing down an easy run through thick fog at Crystal Mountain with friends, with about forty feet visibility. I got a little randy and started skiing the edges of the run, trying to hit some loose powder. What I didn't see was a deep pit along the edge. I went flying right into it, my ski tips dug right into the side wall and I went flying right out of my skis. A perfect splat-face plant. The loose snow was piled deep enough that I didn't get hurt, but my friends had a good time laughing at me.

Lesson... don't push it when skiing in thick fog.
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At the end of the 03'-04' season (my first season on skis), I was skiing at Whitewater with my friends and their 12 year old son. I was getting fairly cocky about my improved abilities, and made a foolish decision. The son was demonstrating his jumping technique for his parents. Watching him make the jump, I thought, "That doesn't look so bad; I should have no trouble making that jump." Accordingly, I followed him over the edge.

I didn't, however, start from as far up the hill as he did, as I didn't want to have quite as much speed. Accordingly, I started from about half the distance from the jump. It wasn't until I cleared the lip, though, that I realized he was carrying so much speed for a reason: he was jumping a cat track. I got as far as "Oh boy..." in the "Oh boy, this is going to hurt" train of thought before I landed square in the middle of the cat track, on completely flat and very well packed ground. Naturally, there was a yard sale. My friends really wanted to ask how I was, to find out if I was hurt, but they were laughing way too hard.

Judging by the volume and duration of the laughter I provoked, this was a very funny crash.
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Winter Park, 4 or 5 years ago.
I was coming down Sleeper (a blue/black), and at the bottom, there is fencing to slow you down, as you come on to Corona Way/Tie Siding - a green run.
But the fences had a gap in them, one of which was very nicely positioned to carve through at reasonably high speed (and with a good clear view up the other slope, so you wouldn't hit anyone)
So, I got the line perfect. Through the gap, onto the flat green back to base. Something happened then. I've no idea what. But, I did two somersaults, then slid for a bit, and ended up without my skis.
On the first somersault, I lost one ski, on the second I lost the other. As I picked myself up, and dusted myself off, I walked back up to retrieve my skis. About 100 yards up the slope was one ski. On the way, I noticed this hole in the slope. My first thought was that I had hit this, and it had flipped me. Then I looked a bit closer, and recognised the hole as containing the imprint of my boot. I got the ski, and headed for the other.
There was another hole, and a third. And then, about 150-200 yards from where I stopped sliding was my other ski.

To this day, I don't know how it happened, but it was a major wipe-out for me, and it was on a green run.
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Humiliating crash

Lots of embarrassing crashes over many years, but the most humiliating one I can think of was the first day of the season last year. We took several kids in our Scout troop skiing, with one new kid who'd never gone before, so I was giving him a short lesson before turning him loose on an instructor. I took him to the bunny slope and told him how to handle the J-bar, saying, "Don't worry if you fall - everyone does sooner or later." How prophetic. Before leaving home, I'd tuned my skis, but had forgotten to crank down the bindings again after a summer in storage. I grabbed the bar and it immediately jerked me right out of both skis and dragged me about 20 feet, spraying my gear and me all over the place in front of the kid and everyone else waiting at the bottom of the hill, and they just howled. The kid looked at me and said, "Uh..., can I go to the lesson now?" I'm sure he figured he'd better get away before he got hurt by this moron who obviously had never been on skis before.
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Originally Posted by InnsbruckUSA
Lots of embarrassing crashes over many years, but the most humiliating one I can think of was the first day of the season last year. We took several kids in our Scout troop skiing, with one new kid who'd never gone before, so I was giving him a short lesson before turning him loose on an instructor. I took him to the bunny slope and told him how to handle the J-bar, saying, "Don't worry if you fall - everyone does sooner or later." How prophetic. Before leaving home, I'd tuned my skis, but had forgotten to crank down the bindings again after a summer in storage. I grabbed the bar and it immediately jerked me right out of both skis and dragged me about 20 feet, spraying my gear and me all over the place in front of the kid and everyone else waiting at the bottom of the hill, and they just howled. The kid looked at me and said, "Uh..., can I go to the lesson now?" I'm sure he figured he'd better get away before he got hurt by this moron who obviously had never been on skis before.
If you're gonna bump an old thread back to life it better be worth it:

This crash is classic!

Nice bump!!!!!
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I snuck into Goat, at Stowe, as I usually do. It was only closed b/c the patrol wanted it, i headed into the woods, and Wammo, my ski ran up against the snowmaking pipe, and i just went HOH, it hurt.
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which one to choose, so many over the years.

worst one at Lake Louise year 2000. skiing by myself (for free sans CSPS freebie ticket) between the top of the Olympic chair and the loading of the Top of the World chair, which is also the unloading area of the Glacier Chair and the Friendly Giant chair. lots of audience.

it was a great 12" of fresh pow day, about 2:00 pm. I was starting to hit that mode of I'm invincable and damn I'm getting tired. approaching the area mentioned at Mach 1 so as to impress the known audience area I caught an edge, salvaged the wobble but into the face of a big mogul, which in turn launched me skyward. I landed ungracefully, ooo I got it, NO ! I don't.

tumbling mess of skis, poles, arms legs. the spary of snow subsides, my head is ringing, my face hurts and I feel wet around my mouth. Yup I'm bleeding.

Along come some bystanders. Do you need help? you are bleeding. Should we call the Ski Patrol? I respond, no I am one, I have my own first aid kit. I opened my pack and proceeded to be my own victim, of course all of this with a plethera of witnesses. A bandaid and a few peices of medi tape and I was on my way.

perhaps not the most painfull, but the most degrading and humiliating.

I was not on shift, just freeskiing but I always keep my patrol gear with me when skiing alone.

(I cut and paste this from last years round of this subject. YUP, I'm a lazy bastard)
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One of my worst was at Mt Hood about 10 years ago. A few of my friends and I were testing out the ski jumping hill at a multi event race for the J3's (I was 18 at the time). The hill was located very close to the lodge and we had gathered a good sized crowd to watch. We had been doing super G training and I had my bindings set really high and I didn't think about turning them down. Anyway I nailed the jump perfectly and cleared the hill landing on the transition. I was too far forward and went over the tips of my skis tumbling for about 25 yards. My left ski stayed on through it all and wrenched my knee around pretty good as I came to a stop in front of a bunch of the kids who were going to compete in the event and their parents. They were all looking quite shocked as I limped into the lodge.
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Playing around in the terrain park one day many years ago. I had been hitting the landing zone of a jump (the jump itself was closed due to some degradation of the launch area) from the side, and simply landing on the top. The side had a pretty steep incline, so I would basically launch a few feet up, and drop down.

We decided we were on the second to last run of the day, so I decided to hit it harder than I had been doing. I launched up what felt like 8 or 10 feet, and landed on the lip of the other side of the landing zone. In the split second when I double ejected, I saw that my bindings had landed exactly on the edge of the drop with the front half of my skis hanging over the edge, and the back half still on the landing zone. I summersaulted in the air, dropped about 8 feet to the slope below, and landed flat on my back, knocking the wind out of me.

After a few minutes of getting my breath back and mentally assessing my body for any injuries, I slowly got up. I was fine, luckily. That ended up being the last run.
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Well, my body was fine and I lost no equipment, but the circumstances make i my best.

Closing day at Alta, about 1998. If you have been there, you know about the party at the end of the cirque, on top of the rocks. That would be the place you can see smoke billowing up and the shiny flash of pony kegs. So, I partied up there for about 20 minutes and then skied Alf's High Rustler. It is great sport to throw snowballs from the top down on those skiing Alf's. But before I get to that part -- I fall about 4 turns in and slide down the big, slippery springtime moguls, oh, maybe 50-60 yards before I can stop. I pick myself up and do a bow, then get the big cheer from the party crowd above. Then I decide to let them hit me with a snowball, you know take one for the team. Mistake. My left shoulder was sore for about a week, because I can tell you that a hardened snowball thrown from a couple of hundred feet above packs a punch. Another big cheer goes up. I complete my final Alf's run of the year without further incident.
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