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Important--please read!

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Hi all--please note AC's post regarding the phenomenal levels of use that EpicSki is getting, and the resulting increased costs he is incurring, here in the Community section. AC has generously supported this site from his own pocket, and now it runs the risk of becoming a victim of its own success. While AC has strongly stated that donations are strictly optional, and that everyone is welcome to participate in the forums either way, a small donation from each of us would surely go a long way to helping assure that the Barking Bears will live for a long, happy time!

Thanks, AC! Long live the Bears!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Will try our best.
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I am impressed at how you have created an environment for such a tight community to form, AC. Epic is the #1 site for ski enthusiasts! I learn a lot about the PASSION here.

Thank you.
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