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Trip Report: Killington 8/27 MTN biking

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What: Phil’s Mountainbike day at Killington.

Why: Info here.

Weather: I left the house at 8:50 with drizzle. I had a light rain all the way to the access road. Once I got on the access road at 9:45, the skis opened up. Not just rain, but sheets of rain coming down..and across. Temp at the base was about 50 deg.

Start time: I arrived to a basicly empty parking lot, there were 3 other cars that looked like there were riders. I get out of the car and the wind was blowing about 20 MPH along with the heavy rain. Perfect riding weather. I take my bike out and head up to the lodge to wait for the others to show.

Terry is the first to show, she rolls up with her bike, I say bike it was more of a toy, a Toys R Us special. We go in and along with having this mean machine, she is sporting a splint on her foot. I like this woman, she shows no fear. We sit around and talk for a bit commenting on the other wusses that decided not to show up.

Epic, one of the other wusses, DOES show up, Whiteroom and Iriponsnow are still wusses. Epic is serious, he rode a century yesterday and now is going downhilling. He is sporting one sweet S-works FS w/ Full XTR, drool.

After buying 2 run tickets, We make it over to the Gondola. Terrt has no gloves so we send her back to get some, it will pay off later.

Ride 1: This is Terry’s first serious MTN bike ride, she is showing some anxiety, but in a good way. Once we get up to, it is cold…real cold and windy. It must be in the low 40’s with strong gusty winds and rain coming down, again great MTN biking weather. We decide we will take it easy, trail 1, then into 6. Trail 1 is a fire road on a green trail. If you have ever been at a ski area on a MTN bike, you will get a better appreciation how steep a green trail is, let along a blue or back trail. About 800 yards into the first ride, Terry found a water burm and learned that dirt, rocks and gravel are much harder than any eastern “hardpack”. Ooooof. She catches up to us with bloody knees, filthy jacket and a huge grin. From that point the ride was fun and little surprises. Epic and I found a few single tracks, #6 IIRC.

We took a break and Terry said she had enough and for Epic and I to go out to play. We decided we weren’t going to let her off that easy and Epic and I went in a rented her a real bike, a Kona Full suspension w. disc brakes.

Terry was obligated to come back out with us for another ride.

Ride 2: After our break, we went back out and headed the other way, 7 to 11. Epic, being the better of the three of us, was real helpful with pointers on where to brake and where not to, also which lines to take. The top of 7 was more of a high speed Fire road twin track type ride then it went onto 11 which is a fine single track. I preferred the latter and had a blast in the trees. Terry was looking much better and was having more fun on the real bike.

I will let the others that were there to fill in what I forgot.
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First let me just thank Eric(epic) and Phil for a great day! These guys are were awesome!!

I have to say it was one eye-opening experrience for me. I kind of knew I was in a bit of trouble when Eric pulled out his full face helmet,fox shorts and shin pads!But I said what the heck just give it a shot.

I never realized how fast the ground comes at you! I have taken my fair share of crashes skiing but this was enlightning! After the crash I was a bit hesitate to go very fast but Eric and Phil showed great patience.Eric tips were great-that did not suprise me though because I have seen him teach skiing-

Changing bikes was really good-Eric had a great analogy about my Toys R Us special. It was like me coming to a ski lesson with crappy snowblades and bad fitting boots.What a difference! I was still hesitant but I was able to control the bike much more easily.

I think Phil really enjoyed his new bike. He did take out some small evergreens but the trail needed some widening anyway!

After our ride we took in some good eats at Charity's on the access road.Damn those Coronas were good!!

When I got back home i jumped in the shower and was immediatley reminded of my ealier crash. Oh the sting!! I think a couple of glasses of wine will make me feel better.

Oh and I can't wait to do it again!!

Thanks Phil and Eric for an Epic day!!

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Here are some pics...

Epic (Eric):

Terry with chain issues:

Terry running the single track:

Sorry for the poor quality, all we had was my cameraphone.
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looks like a great time. Phil, I think you should buy a second bike......
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I haven't posted yet because I've been cleaning my bike. It was pretty muddy!

You guys should have seen TCarey go. She went from Zero to Hero in one run. About 2/3 of the way down the first run I said, "Terry do you know who you are? You are the British kid with the snowblades, the backpack , and the jester hat." I'm not so sure she was having a good time at that point, but I am sure that she was bloody. I'm also sure that she was having a great time on the rental bike and I think she left Killington wanting more.
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Hmmmm-not so sure about the Hero part!

I am really hurtin today!! Pulled out a piece of glove material from, my hand.That was fun! I will have these bragging rights for weeks!! My legs and elbow are trashed!

And I do want more!

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I went back for more on Monday. Weather was better, other than fog/mist from 2500-3500 feet it was fine. Found some more trails that were fun, 8, 6, 9, 13 and 14 to name a few. It was a bit muddier Monday than it was Sunday. I did do some endo's, some, yes more than one . Where Terry and Eric "gave blood" on Sunday, Monday was my turn. If I am going to be out there pushing it, shin guards are in order. I beat after 4 runs.

I had a great time on the new ride, with everything I put it through, I kinda liken it to a Metron. It was very good in all of the terrain I put it though.

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For the record, i didn't wuss out due to weather.

I have work responsabilities.

I would never normally turn down a chairlift assist for Mt Biking!! But I gotta eat (hmm, maybe if I eat less I can climb better...nah, thats crazy talk.)

I just saw the photos, you guys missed out on the 'full force' of riding with epic...a full-face helmet and black/purple lycra shorts, there is nothing more punk rock than that. Epic rocks.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese View Post
...I kinda liken it to a Metron.
that's damn funny for some reason.
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I wonder if you could give a trip report for your 'shopping experience' with 'the phil'?
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
black/purple lycra shorts
Those are in the trash up at Bromont though (actually, in some Queb landfill by now). I have something worse for next time.
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