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Breath of fresh (cold) air

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I was getting dangerous withdrawal symptoms, so I ended up turning this weekend into an innovative skiing experience:

FIRST INDOOR SKIING: at Tamworth, UK. Skiing in a big fridge, that is. Snow OK, slope longer than I had feared, and not overly busy. But, most importantly, I skied! My smile was so wide I was knocking over people on my left and right with the corners of my mouth...

NEW SKIS: Yesss! got my hands on a pair of immaculate ex-demo Nordica Beast 74TT, with Syn0412 bindings, at £185, that's less than $300. Can't go wrong at that price, especially with a ski that I wanted to buy anyway. And they can hold an edge, too, even before I had them re-tuned.

TRYING OUT THE "EPIC TURN": Hmmm, less success here. Left tip left to go left...nope, that didn't work. After a few attempts, I think I managed to weight my feet evenly and carve rather than skid the tails out. But I definitely didn't feel I was originating the steering in the inside ski. As for angulation...why was I feeling some upper body rotation when I tried it?

Gloat over. Now where's that winter?
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Sounds like you need to go to the EpicSki Academy!

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They featured an indoor ski center on CNN the other night. I didn't catch the location.
Is it still hot over there?
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Of course the REAL reason I wanted to know was this weekend's GP.
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It's still warm over here - not hot - it's probably about 24-26C

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