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Buy a Segway for training!

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NEW YORK(AP) Riding on the new version of Segway Inc.'s self-balancing electric scooter is "very similar to skiing," according to the company's chief technology officer.

That's because a new batch of technology in the second generation of the Segway, which was unveiled Monday, allows users to steer the device simply by leaning in the direction they want to go, rather than using a handlebar, said Segway Chief Technology Officer Doug Field.<<<

Full AP story on MSN.

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C`mon OTT--Please don`t tell me that this is what you are considering?
Larry C--
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Segway wedeln in doubletime?
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Well I am just a recreational skier but won't leaning in the direction you want to go cause you to just tip over? Maybe on the scooter but on skis I think I would fall if I leaned where I wanted to go without doing anything else with my feet.
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I saw a couple cops riding the first generation Segway last night. Now there is an awesome use of tax dollars.
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Nah, Larry, I'm going to wait for the model that I can steer with tongue-in-cheek...then I'll be wedeling in triple time...

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I can't tell if this is good or bad for skiing. On the one hand, riding a Segway is SUPPOSED to be easy (despite our President's inability to do so without falling). So this quote would imply that skiing is easy. On the other hand it promotes leaning as the proper way to ski. If I was a PSIA/NSAA mucky muck I'd send Mr. Field an invitation to take a lesson so that he would stop using that analogy.

A more apt analogy is the new Segway is just like politics: you can travel in circles just by leaning in one particular direction.
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I have seen lots of folks riding segways---I have not ridden. However I see no correllation to skiing. I will look with this eye next time. Most airports now have cops on Segways---I think this is a good idea. 15mph and thye are much higher to see over the crowd.
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