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Binding question

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I have just discovered this forum a few weeks ago and have been just loving it. You guys are just a wealth of amazing information, thanks a bunch.

So here is my first question,

I have just bought a new pair of ski's and am looking to purchase some bindings. The skis are Dynastar Troublemakers (112 - 78 - 102). I have two great deals available to me on bindings. One is the Tyrolia LD 12 and the other is Rossi FTX 120.

What I'm wondering is how wide a ski can these bindings could be mounted and which of the two, if both are able to mounted on my new ride, would be the considered the better of the two bindings and why. I have searched the archives and googled it but have not found the answers anywhere.

Info about me: 40 yrs old advanced skier, new to park and pipe. I'm 6'2" and 240lbs and looking to see myself at the next level by the end of next season.

Thanks in advance for the help
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Both bindings are good, both will work with your new ski, buy the cheaper binding.
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