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Hey Spag Boy...I musta been 1 minute behind you on every thread....what a tour. That rates as one of the best mobile rants I have seen! I couldn't stop laffin', kept readin em to Deb! Made my night!
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Could you believe the out and out BALLS on that guy!?! What a twerp. Even Barnes was getting all chapped. That takes a little work!

So how are things? SS is going well here. A little behind on recruiting, but the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is next week, so I'll hit it hard after that. Hullo to the wife and kid.

ps. I sure wish I wasn't a LOUSY ski instructor. This sucks. Here all this time I was thinking that I got this job on the merits of my abilities. Maybe I'll just go eat some worms.
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Hey Spagamuffin: I'm sure you are an excellent teacher and my intuition is ALWAYS correct!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Hey Spag - if you are refering to whom I think you are, look at http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum4/HTML/000437.html

I finally could no longer restrain myself. Not that any of it will make it through that thick cranium. But at least I feel better for it!
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Lisamarie, I don't really think I'm a lousy ski instructor. Some others around here think I am though! (Todd, you DO know who I'm talking about) I'm just having a little fun at his expense.

Todd, he was doing fine until he got all sh***y and started attacking everyone. If the Program is so great, share it with us. What made him so passionate about it? What were his big breakthroughs? How can it be incorporated into SKIING proper? First he was preachy, then he was childish, then he was no more. Pretty simple progression, don't you think? I'm bummed out because I never expected him to be SIMPLE.

Robin, I need a little help with my incentive Matrix here. I've got a system started where I pay my instructors much like you did... Particularly in the Request Private realm. I've divided different $ into 6 groups and assigned a point system to it like we did in AF. Group 1 makes 10% of price on top of hourly wage, Then I just added $2 to each row in that column up to group 6. Is this a sound system in your opinion. My boss seems to like it, but some of the categories will eventually require me to pay out 32% labor to revenue.(rarely) Little help!
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actually I think this is the first time he actually told me to "get a clue". Oh well. I tried to be nice .. .. .. Sigh... I'm suprised how long Bob B held out before he "raised his voice"

don't remember when you joined up or started watching but you should have been here during the first round.
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Hey Spag. You could always do a little 'cruiting at Sturgis...always have a line that resembles your market...heh heh!
I would be happy to e you our private matrix from last season...it is only math. If you have someone good at MSaccess it would be easy to convert...but first I am having it completely rewritten from scratch...Larry didn't leave it too "modifiable". No proprietary territory here...just use it to level the playing field and let the true talent grow while inspiring the FNG's. Strange magic this free enterprise!
32% is low...for the top...with base rate it should be close to 60%....we'll talk.
Goals can be what you need, per heads, upgrades, RPs etc. Here we use hours worked.
Anyway, the humor is great. And "don't sell yourself short judge, your an incredible slouch!" Robins quote of the day, Chevy Chase, Caddyshack
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My vote is to use per-head incentives for groups. It makes it much more palatable for the rookies with larger groups. May help to lower turnover.
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Thanks Robin. If you think 32% is low, then I have some room to play. "So I got that goin' for me... which is nice". I stole your incentive matrix when I left. Thanks though.

Irul. Yeah that pretty much sums it up! (haha)

JohnH, I agree. This building a school from scratch is interesting. I've worked under systems that do "per head" as well. we'll see how that goes. I'm hoping I can use upgrades and private hours as incentive points to get my instructors SELLING, baby!
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Irul, lets just say this: Don't argue with woman's intuition!
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Ah Spaggy, the program, grasshopper...you didn't theive the program. I'll get you the new and improved. It even pulls hours worked, and RPs etc automatically into the Priority rotation calculation in real time, then spits them out on the clipboard sheet from their schedule....trick eh? You just have to keep paper in the printer, click the mouse and sit on yer big ski school director ass. Pass the stogies!
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