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I was in Tallin, Estonia in June and while windowshopping downtown in the 15th Century village core I ran into a Sweater Factory Shop that had the best quality sweaters I have ever seen. The listed shop had the biggest variety of mens and womens sweaters I have ever seen.. The quality is excellent. I bought a med weight one for $142.00 (even with the dollar 33 per cent below the Euro) and got a great buy. This quality sweater in the USA would be 280 to 360 in the ski shops etc. The only thing I did notice is that the European sizing is smaller than here. I usually like a loose sweather in XL and end up with a XXL there. One size larger would do it unless you like your sweaters a little snug.

Heres site: So Knits Estonia Viru St. 20 10140 Tallinn, Estonia e-mail:

NOTE: If any of you are looking for a really warm sweater, they have a lined sweater that is really something to see and wear.