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Building your own skis

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There's an interesting article in this month's Ski magazine about building ones own skis. I'm a big DIY person myself, but don't know that I'd take this on. Just wondering if anyone here has ever done this, and what kind of results they had? Here's the link mentioned in the article to a web site from some who do this on a regular basis: /http://skibuilders.com/howto/
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I read that article and those guys they wrote about have a bunch of initiative. There's a bunch of trial and error and parts hunting, but they sound like they're having fun. Get a good graphics person and drop the family photos and it'd be hard to tell they were making them in the garage.
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As much as I'm willing to criticize the USA ski mags, that was a great article.
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I didn't read the article, but I was thinking a shop that helps people build their own skis could be cool. They provide the material, expertice, and a shop. You come in and build your own ski with some guidance. It would be like make your own sunday.

It could even go on the road and have different locations. The technical rep would be like a carnie (small hands). The skis that didn't turn out well could be sold on e-bay!
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I don't want to die by building skis.
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Did anyone here tire to make their own skis?


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I have seen two results here in Tahoe. skis that are very durable and in use for multiple seasons, and skis that delaminate pretty quickly. no guarantees and epoxy is one of the trickier materials to use for anything, finicky.

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