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Epic Ski Area Trivia #1

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Do you know these N. American ski areas?

1)Which ski area offers a horse-drawn carriage ride from the parking lot to the base area?
2)Which ski area has a rubber mat at the end of a long traverse?
3)Which ski area introduced a fast lift, now defunct, that ran on tracks in the 1930’s?

Winners shall receive our praise and adulation, plus Ryan’s blue pants.

(I think there’s only one correct answer to these, but I suppose there could be more than one right answer.)
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re number one, i'm guessing STEAMBOAT only because all their advertising seems to involve horses (and Billy Kidd's ridiculous hat).

[ February 25, 2003, 10:24 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Cranmore? If so, keep the pants!
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Sorry Ryan - negative on Steamboat.

Robin needs to qualify his answer against a question number.
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Cranmore is the answer to #3 I believe.
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What llama said....send him the pants!
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We have a Winner!
Llama gets number 3 at Robin's expense. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I'm not paying postage, let Ryan send them! Answer to #1 Dear Valet!
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Nope - sorry - not Dear Valet
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the pants stay here. when i get my boat, they're the flag i'm flying.
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#2 - Alta
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I just knew AltaSkier would come through on #2. We have another winner!! Very good Alta.

If you take the High Traverse out to the end, you come to a point where you can pretty much ski in any 360 degree direction. At the end of the High Traverse is a rubber mat, used as a “staging area” (for lack of better words) to avoid the rock garden. It is exposed here, and snow has difficulty staying put, hence Rubbermaid.
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#1 - Waterville Valley?
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Sorry Gonz - wrong state. Go West young man.
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Alyeska. And for the love of God - keep the pants.
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Negative on Alyeska. No pants for you.
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Originally posted by Jaws:
Negative on Alyeska. No pants for you.
Then there's at least ONE more, because that's certainly an option for you at Alyeska ~ Not one I've taken advantage of, mind you.

Runs from over by Tanaka lift to the Daylodge...

[ February 25, 2003, 02:25 PM: Message edited by: EPSkis ]
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Oops.....Sorry about that, EPSkis.

I was afraid that might happen. There IS at least one more place I had in mind for #1.

If you get this one too, we’ll throw in Ryan’s boat along with those slick pants!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I can think of a couple places I would guess for the last one - but I'll try Steamboat?
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Answer to #1: Targhee.
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Right on Bill – We have another winner!! Send him pants!!!

Targhee was what I had in mind for #1. (horse drawn carriage)

So, in summary:
1) Ski area with horses = Grand Targhee in Alta, WY and Alyeska in Girdwood, AK
2) Ski area with rubber mat = Alta in Alta, UT
3) Ski area with Skimobile = Cranmore in North Conway, NH

(Llama – you already got #3 three yesterday)

Thanks for playing
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By last one I meant last remaining question (really question #1)...
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