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Originally Posted by volantaddict View Post
Well these don't look like prophylactics. No need to thank me, I'm just just helpful that way.

They do have the obligatory kevlar lining no doubt?
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norrona, arcteryx, haglofs
icebreaker, smartwool
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My hardshell jacket (shell) is from Patagonia, as are my pants. I have a softshell jacket from Mountain Hardwear that's also really nice.

I've found that with some lightweight fleece (i.e., the Polarmax 100 weight) and one or two base layers (i.e., Patagonia Capilene or Hot Chillys) then I'll stay plenty warm down to any sort of normal temperature. I'll layer it up a lot more on the arctic-blast cold days.

Patagonia stuff is awesome.
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Noticed Moonstone mentioned a few times. I think I read recently they have gone out of business.

That means you can likely find some nice close out sales, but you also won't get any future warranty coverage for defects, rips and tears, etc.
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True ^ that, but I'm hoping Columbia might still revive the brand.

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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese View Post
Yup, by Jiminy. SOS (Sportswear of Sweden)is high quality and very technical (read plenty of pockets and zippers). Only thing is that you have to get their stuff from Europe or Japan or places outside of North America. Or, like Phil, search E-Bay.
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HaHa. I thought Phil was joking when he said S.O.S. Phil is famous for wearing neon and that's what I thought of when I saw S.O.S. in his post. They made alot of bright stuff back in the day. You had to be really good to dare wear it.

I thought it meant Sick On Snow (There is a S.O.S. sticker on my ski that says Sick On Snow, but I guess they were just playing with the acronym.)
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I've been well chuffed with my Schoffel jacket. Not sure if you can get in the US or not as I don't live there!
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Originally Posted by Tyrone Shoelaces View Post
so that were you got your pimip light blue jacket at.

Helly Hanson

are stuff that I own and like and would tell other buy.
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I like my Eider jacket, my Odlo base layer and my Versant Nord gloves
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Originally Posted by vail99 View Post
I would look at some of the technical brands like Kjus, Anzi Besson, Phenix, Descente, Goldwin, Halti- they are all very good-

Arcteryx is great is you like the more mountain/alpnist look as is North Face and Mountan Hardware

Karbon falls apart and Spyder is overrated but the Venom line is quite good
I personally dont like Phenix gear as its overpriced and its got an Austrian look to it and its not particually water proof. I love the Helly Hansen gear i brought has two seasons on it and its great. Buy the higher end stuff as it should always last you longer. For Gloves ill always go Hestra as the goat leather in the palms have good dexterity and ware really well i've had the same Hestra Race gloves for 4 seasons, no holes a tiny amount of ware and some cuts from not handleing skis carefully. Helly base layer called LIfa is really warm but seems overpriced but it will last you a long time and dont pil. Ohh and the new SOS stuff looks soo noce and looks soild, well made and what not. Hope that helps. Nick
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Originally Posted by Amish View Post
I've been searching and searching and searching...its been on-going for a couple of weeks now and it seems there just isn't an end to all the different brand names out there for ski pants, jackets, gloves, hats etc.

If you don't mind maybe you can list of some of your fav brands.


P.S. Is Spyder a good brand? I have my eye on one of their jackets.

The materials are the most important, not the brand. So do yourself a favour and search for sites with tech info on the best materials available. If you don't know what to look for, PM me and i will tell you where to look. You may change your mind and see that there's no reason to buy very expensive hard shells.

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I Thought you said "PreOps"

What are Peops?

I though you had concluded pre-operation TS's were gifted with elevated fashion sense, and were seeking their sage input.
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Phenix, Avalanche, Kjus, Arcteryx Spyder is sized really big!

Spyder Func T-Necks

Patagonia capilene silk weight (lightest, thinnest) base layer.
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My Patagonia stuff won't wear out. I have base layers 15 years old I still wear. Other stuff ten years and counting. My old storm shell that I use on pow days is coming back in style- color anyway, it doesn't do the short waist thing, thank goodness. We have an outlet store in SLC so I get it all cheap.
North Face lasts two seasons, Marmot falls apart, in my experience.
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Yeah, I wore Marmot (goretex shell) for a season as a uniform. What a rag. It was either rotting or disintigrating, or both. North Face seems more "Made in China" than most brands.
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Patagonia for me also. I've got some Marmot pants that work well though. Later, RicB.
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Patagonia for a base layer. Mountain Hardwear for Pants and Jackets. And Gordini for gloves.
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Originally Posted by skierecs7 View Post
Arcteryx is by far the best ski clothing on the market. It blows away Helly Hansen, Spyder, Marker, Karbon, marmot etc. It is expensive, however you get what you pay for, and their stuff is great quality and will last forever. Before purchasing a new jacket, softshell, or pants, do yourself a favor and try an Arcteryx piece on, you won't be dissapointed.
I would agree with this except to add that cloudveil is of equal quality and is a US company. So my money goes to cloudveil.
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Many good suggestions

My primary choice for outerwear is Patagonia...this year.

I have purchased a few pieces of Ibex wool base and midlayers. Outstanding!!!

Also, the Hestra gloves I purchased for my youngest son are very good quality.

Almost everything I get is through clearance. So, I have a lovely lime green fleece to go with my red shell.

... and I wonder why my wife won't ski with me.
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fubu hoodies.
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kjus pants are the absolute best I've ever owned. Jackets, Kjus is great but very big bucks (I got at 50% off) but a fantastic soft shell is OR Mithril http://www.lonelyplanet.com/travel_s...l_jacket.ht m

For less than 200 bucks, you get windproof, water proof (tried and tested), light weight, excellent movement. This has become my all around favorite for skiing, hiking and every day wear.

Hestra gloves! Yeah baby
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for gogles i like spy and i like ripzone snowpants the big poofie black jackets from the north face are nice and warm while firefly have amazing gloves imo.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
so that were you got your pimip light blue jacket at.
heh..yeah. I love Norrona. Great technical clothing, with a little bit more style (IMHO) than what you see with the Marmot, ArcTeryx, Patagonia, stuff....

Plus it's super quality & bomber....I had a bad fall his past year where I bounced off a few of Kirkwood's sharp volcanic rock outcroppings. I ended up with a bruised kidney, subluxed rib, and needed 6 stitches in my forearm. Despite all of that, the jacket was unscathed...yup, the rocks gashed my arm through my jacket, but didn't cut the jacket (it's Norrona's Lofoten Gore-Tex XCR jacket) at all....I didn't realize my arm was bleeding and gashed until I was in the clinic an hour later and took my jacket off. Awesome stuff.

I've had great experiences with Eider too....I use all their stuff for base layers and love it.

And Hestra Gloves. The best IMO. (unlike MTT, I've had QC problems with DaKine glvoes)
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I prefer Patagonia. It is expensive, but they do have a really good sale every Feb. I got my ski jacket half off. The stuff is really good though.
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This'll be a racer-oriented view...

...but I think it applies to a lot of us:

- Spyder. Hands down the best fitting, most durable, most versatile, best new technology. List price is way up there, but via Ebay or other places, you can get good deals. A longtime U. S. Ski Team sponsor, and while the U. S. Team always likes $$$$, they wouldn't use Spyder if it didn't work. Also note that Spyder is currently supplying speed suits to not just the U. S. and Canadian teams, but to the Austrians as well...

I really like some of the stuff that EriArc Racing makes, though...their warmups have the best fit, and you can zip off the lower leg to make a pair of slalom shorts.

- Reusch gloves. 'Nuff said.

- Marker helmets and goggles. Really well designed, functional, and durable.

- UnderArmour compression shorts and tops, or the low-cost equivalent.
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I am a big fan of Phenix. I have a jacket and pants from their FIS line and one of their "Aerothermo" soft shell jackets --- best ski clothing I have ever owned.
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Jacket - Killy and Karbon
Bibs - Spider and Marker
Base layer - UnderArmour
Socks - Wigwam, Thorlo
Underwear - nothing
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Patagonia base layers are the best I've found.
They make quality mid-layer garments too.
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For technical shells, my pick would be Arcteryx or Helly Hansen. I've got a HH Virtue hardshell, and it's absolutely great - very lightweight, incredible wind/water protection yet still very breathable.

For more of an insulated jacket, I'd highly recommend Spyder and Descente (I also have a pair of Phenix pants which are great, dunno about their jackets). I have a Spyder coach's coat that's wonderful for casual wear, or skiing on super cold days (or when you have to stand around alot racing or whatever).
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