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Hop To It

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get ready, fresh-hop beers are around the corner.

(even today's WSJ is talkin' about it.)

they mention rogue ales (oregon), russian river brewing co. (santa rosa, CA), as well as (drumroll, please) sierra nevada brewing co., all of which i can attest to, though i've had much more "experience" with sierra, which got this particular ball rolling with their harvest ale, busted out about a decade ago.


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When I brewed, I liked Fuggles and Cascades for most of my ales.

For lagers, Saaz and Hallertau.

I've used Galena, Clusters, Gold, Tetnang, Nugget.

I also grew some Willamette from rhizomes as well. I lost some to aphids but was able to salvage quite a few - that's a lot of fun because the vines literally can grow feet in a matter of a week and it's quite fragerant.

The other thing is propagating yeasts but you soon end up with literally gallons of yeast. You get some great compost from homebrewing too - the worms love the leftovers .
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triple hop bitter

if you like hops the ultimate is anderson valley(ca.) IPA
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