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I tried snowboarding and have only one thing to say, well... two

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My butt hurts!!!!!!!
and... I wasted a good day!
I'm sure its a great sport, I love a lot of the people that do it, but its just not for me.
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Last April, I wasted a beautiful day of corn snow trying to snowboard, and had nothing but two broken ribs to show for it.

I got lots of online advice telling me to wear "full hockey equipment... padded pants, elbow pads, and shoulder pads." I ignored them and paid the price.

As you said, I'm sure it's fun when you know how to do it correctly, but it's pretty humiliating when you can't.
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snowboarding doesn't interest me in the slightest. skiing's way too much fun to waste a day fallin on my ass.
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Standard reply that applies to any activity, not just boarding---

Take a lesson or 2.

It is fun, when shown how by a qualified instructor.

In my case not enough fun to replace skiing, just a pleasant diversion.
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The problem with accomplished skiers trying to board and vse versa is that the perceived difficulty of the trail is no longer accurate. What many seem to forget is with a snowboard they just entered beginner world. Blue squares, so simple with skis on that I now avoid them in order to not waist the run, suddenly became too difficult. I will never try it, because I have no interest in being a crappy snowboarder when I can be a good skier. To all other skiers trying to board for the first time: never forget that you don't know how to RIDE at all.
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I've done it twice.

First fall, I thought I broke my wrists.

Second fall, I thought I got a concussion (but couldn't remember).

It is impossible to watch a Warren Miller movie and not want to board on a fat powder day.............but on a day like that, there is no way I'm trading my skis for a board.
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To: super-mat and jamesdeluxe
Listen to yourselves talk. Both of you tried snowboarding, got some bumps and bruises after "one" day and called it quits. Do either of you remember how long it took you to really get-the-hang of skiing? I'm sure it was more than one day. With all sports you have to pay your do's if you want to be good. I'm not criticizing you guys at all, because i felt the same way when i tried boarding, i'm just trying to bring some light on the topic. A lot of people feel the way you guys do and it's really too bad. Learning another skill on the mountain can only make you a better skiier.
My advice to you guys would be: wait until a soft snow day. Either warm conditions or a soft powdery day. Then grab the board and someone that can give you some pointers and hit the slopes again. After two or three days you'll think back to when you were going to quit and say "man i'm glad i stuck with it."
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The reason for not trying snowboarding again: I enjoy skiing so much, that even one day "wasted" (spent doing something else on a snow-covered mountain) is too much.

If I had 4-5 ski days a week at my disposal (unfortunately, not the case), I would absolutely try it again. But for my very hard-earned and well-planned 25 ski days this season, the cost-benefit ratio just ain't in my favor.
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From what I've read, seen and been told, snowboarding is hard on the butt and on the wrists. The butt punishment hurts but usually doesn't incapacitate, but the wrists I can't afford to risk. I've broken my right hand in a horseback riding incident, and my left wrist [smashed to shards] in a rollerblading incident. In each case, the impact on my ability to handle books, files and computers was severely compromised [meaning my capacity for serving my clients and producing income was affected], so, I will not risk snowboarding. Yes, there are wrist guards, but they didn't work when I broke my left wrist. Besides, I just love skiing too much, and I prefer to slide downhill facing the direction in which I'm travelling. There are lots of things I enjoy or might enjoy if I tried them; but there's only so much time available, and I prefer to use it for skiing, tennis, working out and, occasionally, hiking and biking.
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G'day folks.

My take on things is that skiing and snowboarding have learning curves with different shapes.

For skiing, it is quite easy to get started with a wedge and in an hour an instructor might have you making some basic parallel turns. Things get much more difficult from here, and you'll find that moving from advanced / expert into the ranks of ski-god take nearly forever.

Snowboarding, I believe, is a little bit the opposite. It can be terrible frustrating trying to stand still, let alone making your first turns on easy green terrain. Once you've got some skided turns under your belt and can control your speed, off to the blues and blacks you go. With a little commitment to the toe-side and heel-side edges, carving is just a hop-skip-jump away.

Or at least that's my $0.02CDN.

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2 weeks ago, my daughter wanted to try snowboarding.100' into the lesson, she fell neatly breaking her right wrist, there by cancelling our planned week in Stowe.said daughter can really ski and she was amazed that nothing carries over. Are her boarding days behind her? NO.but next season I'm going to schedule the lesson way earlier than my vacation to allow enough heal time. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ou jeah! Hopefully your experience wasnt THAT bad... Because its a nice and fun thing to do, after you get over the initial difficulties...
Ive been boardin myself now for 4th season. Snowboard has certainly its own advantages...and disadvantages.
To make things more intresting i picked up skiing this winter ,and gosh! Havent been this fun ( on the piste) with my snowboard, ever.
The intresting thing is that skiing has thaught me a lot about snowboarding this winter. And vice versa...
I wonder when i would have time to start learnig telemark...
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