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Racing boots - can I go for junior ones?

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Hi, as everyone knows, getting new boots can be a VERY, VERY big hassle for a racer unless you have a good go-to guy: either nothing fits or someone who isn't knowledgeable tries to screw you just to make a sale.

So, I want new boots, but I have very small feet. I need a 25.5 minimum and could probably go smaller with only small work on the boot (I really don't race all that much or at a high level - only university) but I'd prefer not to. Boot cuff adjustement and alignment are the only things that have me worried. I'm 5'6 and about 130lbs (and male . The girl who was helping me comes back with a Salomon racing boot, but a junior one (the one with a flex of 100). I was pretty puzzled, but tried them on and the fit was perfect, wich means tight, toes touching and with about 1 (very small) finger behind the heel and NO PAIN (OH my GOD). Even the forward lean was good.

Now, I'm not that good of a skier, but I race. I want to go fast. I want support, and I'm worried that:
A) The boot will overflex since I could flex it A LOT in the store (knee in front of toes easily)
B) The boot cuff isn't high enough and won't provide stability/responsiveness.

What do you gals and guys think ? I used to ski with a Lange Comp 130 wich was too stiff for me so I had the screw removed (I know, bad choice, but I don't trust anyone with cutting in my area).
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Ho yeah, I'm 22 so I ain't no junior anymore
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if you flexed a 130 with the bolt removed a jr anything boot will be too soft.

some JR boots don't have the cuff alignment bolts that the adult ones do.

get the adult version of the boot, You can make a boot bigger and softer, not the other way,

25 in salomon = 8 1/2 ish street shoe? Not that small feet.. I ski salomon in 25 or 24.....
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Whichever boot you get, get a real alignment, which means sole planing. Cuff alignment is not nearly as effective.
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The "I have very small feet" comment was a bit sacastic, since it's always what salemen (who don't know boots) tell me when I say that I want 25 or 25.5 boots or smaller if I have them. I also refuse to let them know what street size I wear. I know how it is supposed to fit, just go in the backstore and fetch what I just asked damnit

Thanks for the input. I knew what the answer would be, but one can also hope They were so cheap... Plus, some women I know still ski junior and they're about the same weight as me, but not as agressive.
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I agree with mntlion. The adult boot is the one to go with. Don't worry about flex. There are race boots (both plug and consumer plug versions) with a soft flex. Keep in mind that the flex index is simply made up.
Plug boot with a soft flex: Atomic RT Ti 100
old Tecnica XT-17
Consumer plug boot with a VERY soft flex: Tecnica Diablo Race 110

Cutting the shell is easy. Race boots have lines for cutting.
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