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Bikes you have owned. Then and Now

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Bikes you have owned. Past and present. Not counting the tricycle or Schwinn that you road as a kid.

This is a parallel to the skis you have owned thread.


1970 Gitane 10 speed road (model unknown)
1971 Gitane 10 speed road. Much better model, but name forgotten.

1992 Trek 820 I outgrew it in 6 months.
1993 Trek 930
1995 Trek 950. Installed suspension fork in 1996.
1998 Kona Kilauea frame. Built up with a mix of parts from the Trek 950 and new stuff.
Used 1994 Trek 930. Used the frameset to build up a rigid winter bike.
1999 Kona Explosif frame. 853 Steel. That's why I still own it.
A warranty replacement due to broken weld on the 98 Kilauea. My current HT. Current build: 2003 XT and a 05 Manitou Black Fork. Avid 7 side pull brakes.

2002 Kona Kilauea frameset. My current rigid. Built with LX and Avid 7 side pulls.
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That I remember:
Raleigh Sun GT10 kids road bike

Decathlon Rockride 5
Trek 1500 Alpha
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pretty easy list...

2000 Klein Attitude HT w/XT build, Marzocchi Atom 80, Gravy built King wheelset [sold]
2003 Titus Racer X w/SRAM X9/Avid v-brake build, Fox RLC, Gravy built King wheelset, PUSHed Fox Float. [current]

Mid-90's Guerciotti Columbus TSX steel with Chorus 10v build, Gravy built OP wheels [current]
2003 Look 461 with Chorus 10v build, Gravy built OP wheels. [current]

Lots of good riding in Marin. On good weeks, I ride about 8-10 hours. Bad weeks? About 5-6 hours.
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75' Schwinn cruiser, steel (child)
76' Ross, steel(childrens motorcycle look alike.)
77? Ross with bananna Seat, steel (child)
78? Motobecane 12 speed, steel
79? AMF Roadmaster BMX with aluminum mags! steel(child)

84' Redline 600b BMX racer 4130(intermediate racer)
85' Redline RL-20II 4130 (still have this one) (professional freestyle)
87' Redline RL20a, trimoly (entry level freestyler) (have this one)

90s Trek 2000, Al. (roadbike) (still around cracked frame)
00' Mongoose MGX full suspension, al. (mtn bike) (still around)
04' Jeep Wrangler Sahara full suspension, disc brakes, al. (mtn bike) (my new ride)

Other than the Redline RL-20II which is worth about $2k, I think all of the bikes in my lifetime dont amount to what some of your bikes cost.
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1966 Red Schwinn
1968 Blue Schwinn Stingray
1972 Green Three Speed Raleigh
1975 Blue Gitane 10-speed "racing bike" (stem-mounted shifters)
1979 Burgundy Panasonic "touring bike" (bar-end shifters)
1986 Blue Specialized Rockhopper
1989 Custom built SLX/SPX Colin Laing/Dura Ace (8 cog cluster)
1999 Specialized FSR
2004 Pedal Force carbon frame/Campy Chorus
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Present Ride

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1993 Cannondale something-or-the-other road bike. I no longer have this one though. I do still have the pedals from it though -- the only surviving link to that bike.

1998 Cannondale R1000. I still have the frame, the stem, the brakes, and the wheels. That's it. One of these days I'll convert this into a single-speed (using the pedals from the '93 bike).

2004 Calfee Tetra Custom. My baby, my pride, my joy. Seen here.

2005 Soma Double Cross (my commuter and my I-don't-want-to-take-the-Calfee-out-in-this-weather bike).
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Oops, I forgot my Cannondale Chameleon that I put 1st gen Rock Shox on.
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Ugh, and I forgot another road bike too...oops.
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Sadly, my bike quiver is quite a bit larger than my ski quiver

Road -
Sampson Z9 pro - Ti - DA/Ultegra mix - currently a TT bike
Orbea Lobular Carbon - Al with Carbon seat stays - Chorus - my main ride
Orbea Dama - Steel - 105 - wife's bike

Rocky Mountain Rail - Al - 105 - winter bike, great for cruising dirt roads, occasional easy single-track, probably the most fun bike I own, although high speed group rides on 700x35c tires are a bit rough.
Redline Conquest frame - 54cm - hanging on the wall, anyone interested in a good deal on a frame/fork/headset/BB/crankset?

MTB - I'm quite possibly the world's worst mountain biker
Trek 950 - steel - no suspension - long gone, bought it too big
Giant Rainier - Al - hate this thing, it's gotta go.
Some form of 29er on the way soon, thinking short travel, full suspension. been talking to Lennard Zinn
Jamis Dakar Comp - full suspension - wife's mtb, she loves it.
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Ones I still have
92 Haro BMX Racer will be brought back up to riding shape soon
94 Schwinn Moab - current MTB will be converted to single speed next summer pictures here http://community.webshots.com/photo/...0368472smqhCV#

ones I dont have any more
old very fast, and very dangerous hurt several people Redline BMX race bike
24 inch Trek Full rigid something in another had it before I bought my schwinn.

coming soon 06 Haro Shift R5
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red tricycle sturdy as a tank.
schwinn stingray banana seat something-or-other.
peugeot some kinda road bike thingy.
*nishiki road bike sorta-something.
gt tequesta mountain et cetera.
specialized m2 road comp '96 yaddee yaddah presently.

*(so i guess i had a retroactive raleigh, too)

others. i forget 'em. they knowed they was loved.
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Not very many.

Mid 70s yellow schwinn 3 speed with banana seat and sissy bar
Early 80s Raleigh 10 speed
'94 Raleigh MT400 hard tail with RS Q10 fork (1st MTB, bought as used out of the Whitetail renatl fleet to see if I liked mountain biking)
'98 K2 Proflex 4000 - all XT w/ crosslink ELT fork (came to hate the fork - too twitchy)
'02 Gf Sugar 2+ - They don't normally sell this as a frame only, but I bought a new frame that someone on MTBR got as a replacement frame for a broken one. Pillaged everything I could off my K2 to build it up, but added Mavic X317 disk wheels with Avid Mechanical disk brakes, Marz MXC fork, and a few other nice bits. I still love it and will wait until it's toast to replace it

Current road ride
Klein Q carbon Race - I read up on it quite a bit and liked what I found out, but when I saw the paint job, I fell in love. Mine is much larger than the one in the stock photo, and I have a triple ring. It's a mix of Ultegra and 105.
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Here's a better picture of the paint job

I love the internally routed cables too. Very clean.
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Love the Kleins....drool. I was thinking about a local Klein Attiude before I got my FS.


Various kids bikes.
Schwinn Le Tour
Soma Competition, full Shimano 600EX. My first serious bike, loved it.
6 year gap
Schwinn, Shimano 105, Biopace. When I got back into biking with my wife
5 year gap
Specialized A1 Comp, Full STX. Made a ton of upgrades sold shortly
Cannondale M900
Cannondale Roadbike, first bike I built from scratch, including the wheels
Specialized M2 Comp
3 years + Current...
Mongoose, Parts bin special
Caloi, POS Craigslist mistake
Trek Liquid 25
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Road no longer owned
1964 Montgomery Wards 3-speed
1976 Steela 10 speed

MTB no longer owned
1989 Bridgestone MB-5

MTB in use
1997 Specialized Stumpjumper FS
2000 Rocky Mountain Element
2003 Strong Pipestone

MTB frames to be assembled
2001 Schwinn Rocket 88 Stage 2
2005 Trek Fuel EX 7
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1988 Slx

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I had the most awesome Schwinn Stingray bike with a banana seat when I was a kid. Complete with streamers.

As a teen I saved up and bought a decent Schwinn road bike which I owned as a means of transportation until I was done with college. I had a car but I didn't have gas money

Then I didn't want to have a bike EVER!
Until a friend got me hooked on Mt Biking three years ago and I bought a:
Trek 4900 HT of course. Shimano Deore rapid fire shifters, Shimano crank set, disc brakes, .........yada yada.
I love my trek! My only regret is that I have too many interests and don't find enough time to be on my bike.
I have demoed several road bikes. I have the desire to bite the bullet and get it. I just haven't justified the $$$ yet.
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Red SS Sears?
Hercules "English racer"
Raleigh Super Course TT
Raleigh Gran Prix
Ross Mt. Hood
Specialized Rockhopper
Specialized Crossroads
Ritchey Ultra
BCA tourer
Bridgestone RB-T
Cannondale M700
Cannondale Delta V 700
2 Novaro hybrids
Cannondale H400
'04 Marin Mill Valley
Y2K Kona Nunu
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http://www.konaworld.com/shopping_ca...8&parentid=253 If I was buying a Road Bike this is what I would get. Not to mention it would make one bad ass 29er MTB with the Right wheels too.

Oh yeah BTW Josh might not be biking to the new bike comes in.....the old schwinn has some serious issues tonight.
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circa 1970 pink un-branded bike w/ banana seat, short sissy bar and high-rise handlebars.

circa 1978 blue Botecchia? 10-speed

circa 2000 Schwinn Mesa MTB

2004 Specialized Sequoia roadbike

2006 Gary Fisher Tassajara GS
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Then. some still

Tomos folder
Senna Metropolitan
Raleigh Grand Prix
Centurion Le Mans
Motobecane Grand Record
Sears (531dB in a funk green too)
Bianchi Brava
Bianchi Eros
Alan Record Carbonio
Specialized Allez Epic
Schwinn Paramount
Scwhinn Tempo
Schwinn Twinn
Giant Cadex 990c
Bridgestone RB-1
Bianchi Pista
Austro-Daimler Vent Noir
Fuji ?? all - Suntour
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schwinn stingray-ish bike
1980ish Royce Union 10spd
1985 Fuji Team Fuji
1990ish C-Dale M900? 'The Beast'
1992 Kona Explosive fully rigid
2001 Santa Cruz Heckler
2003 LeMonde Zurich
2004 Santa Cruz Heckler
2005 Evil D.O.C.

Next week- Intense 6.6 - anyone interested in a SC Heckler frameset??
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Damn Comprex, 18 bikes! OK, I forgot to mention my Motiv MTB tandem. That's 18 or 18 1/2 for me. Is the Schwinn Twinn a tandem? Hmm... does the Performance MTB I bought my mom count? I've ridden it more than she has.

Your bikes are more interesting, but I was hoping I could "win" this thread. Unless Carbo has twenty carbon DeRosas. He seems to be holding out on providing his list, just teasing us with pix.
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How's 4 Aces?:
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Quattro Assi? They all look the same. Comfort and enjoyment are not the first words that come to mind... Envy? Well, yes...
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Only 7 of those in house at present. Along with a lugged step-through Valuas that would be a -sweet- commuter (Weinmann brakes over front and rear fenders, internal power wire routing from the generator front and back, triple front & long cage rear) if it weren't for the Simplex (yep, those Simplex) plastic shifters. :

I think I'm going to donate that one to the guys at Papillon, swap everything else I'm not riding more than 20miles/week.
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[quote=telerod Envy? Well, yes...[/quote]

a. A feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.

Surely You don't mean that. :
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Oh no, nothing like that. Not sure why the word popped into my head, really. Ride on, Carbo.
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