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I'm just back from my first trip to Colorado and that really sums it up!
I will elaborate though for those who have not been there or who are otherwise interested.
I stayed in Silverthorne in a condo and skied Keystone, Breck, and Vail, one day each ($37 per day w. peaks card).
Keystone was cool, and they were having a demo wknd. so I got to try a bunch of gear on the wish list. This was not a good move for me because now I realize how many more skis I MUST have!
But other than that, Keystone was not my fave.
Breck on the other hand, was awesome. My wife and I did full day lessons there and had a really great day. I could definitely have spent 3-4 days there alone and not been bored. Conditions were very similar, but I just liked the whole scene better.
Then Vail, holy friggin cow, I still don't know what to think. I was literally awed to tears as I rode the lift from Blue Sky Basin to Two Elk Lodge. It was that amazing. What an enormous place! I really should not have even gone with only 1 day to see it, next time I will budget at least 3.
To Keystone's credit, they are the only one that didn't charge for close in parking, the others charged $8-$13.
And interestingly, even with all the snow they've had to date, conditions were no better than typical Vermont midwinter conditions. I even ran into some catskills style ice at Vail.
Don't think I'm ragging it though, I'm just sore that the snow stopped just B4 I got there!
Long story short, I'm already plotting my return trip. This time during peak season to hopefully experience some powder. Also without the wife, she was a disaster. She wouldn't try the Diamox, or even Ginkgo, then came down with serious AMS. Then she got totally intimidated by the scenery and the terrain. I ended up on my own most of the time while she freaked out about various things. Oh well, she's officially restricted to East Coast until further notice.
But I'm goin back! Who's comin?
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That's great you were really pleased, even with the sub-par snow.

sounds good! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Xdog, glad you had such a good time. I was at Keystone Sat and yes it was hardpacked! That said when the snow is good Keystone can be very fun. Vail well, I do not care what the Vail bashers say, it is amazing! Sorry that we did not have any fresh snow for you. Come back, you will not be sorry!

Sorry too that your wife had such a hard time.
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Cool to hear that, I ski in summit county every year and love it. Vail is my favorite also, lots of terrain and once youre on the mountain is doesnt feel crowded like the smaller ones sometimes do. Some people criticize breck and vail, but I got back every year and have a great time...
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jkasmann, welcome. We do not have many people from St. Louis. I used to live in the "Loop".
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Kima, thats cool, I live on Waterman (about a minute from Delmar) so im right near the loop also.
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Glad you enjoyed Summit County. With the exception of the early November dump, new snow has been limited, although we did get about 6 inches last night. Recently we've seen the settled bases at most areas drop by about 6 inches. It still is mid December.

The next time you bring your wife plan to spend at least one night-maybe two- in Denver before coming up to the high country. It will help her acclimate better.
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Without a doubt, if my wife wants to ski out West again it'll either be after 2 days of acclimation and/or Diamox. Also, what a kick in the ass, I got a snow report today from Vail, 9 new inches! Ouch baby, very ouch.
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Sorry Xdog- your info was incorrect! It wasn't 9"(well, maybe at the bottom), it was up to 15"!
Not trying to make anyone else feel bad, but yesterday was incredible! And today wasn't bad either...

Should have been there...

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