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So we are in the midst of planning our annual Western ski jaunt and I was looking for some bear advice. Just some background, the last two year we hit up the Cottonwood Canyons. Our March trip gave us nice sunny conditions but no new snow. Our Feb. trip greeted us with some nice dumps but Altabird gets tracked out so quickly its kinda disapointing.

We will most likely be heading out in early March and would like to try a new place. Our initial thought was Jackson Hole but I've been warned of the sun exposure problems after February and experienced it first hand a few years ago. Also, we have a beginner intermediate who isn't too pumped about the Jackson terrain. I'm thinking Steamboat might be a good gamble that time of year.

Of course anything could happen, but historically who has the most consistant snowfall in early-mid March? What are some bear favorites?

Thanks for the advice.