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New skis needed - opinions wellcome

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Hi folks,

I'm planning to upgrade (some might say downgrade) my skis for next season. Some stats: male, 45 yrs, 90 kilos, 185 cm, athletic, >20 years skiing and telemarking, app. 20 days in a season in Skandinavia and Alps, 99% on groomed, current ski Head SRW 1100 chip (black one) 170 cm with Tyrolia bindings. What level i'm I? Maybe 8-9 when on groomed.

I'm basicly looking for the ultimate ski for every condition (excluding offpiste or deep snow). I'm also open for every manufactor/model.

Tested some next season models late April.
-Atomic m11-b5 (171 cm?) was close what I'm looking for. Handled well short, medium and long turns, no problem in spring slush.
- but even better was last years model of Movement Demon Flame (179cm), so if any of you have any experience of Movement midsize skis and their quality - help me!
- I have also heard good comments of new Völkl AC3 but don't know if I have any change to test them when season starts.

Thank You!
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PJL, what did the M11:B5s not have that you would want? I am unfamiliar with Movements, so can't help you there. Have you skied any others?
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What direction do you want to move in from the 1100 SW chip; what is it lacking for your wants?
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m11-b5 did everything I wanted and I was almost ready to invest untill I found Movement. I don't know if they are sold in US but I hope that some European member has been on those.

Other skis that I have tested: I don't remember each lenght but everything I have tested has been at least 170cm
-Elan S12 - old model, felt very close what I have at the moment - no sense to buy same as you already have (ok. they were really cheap but still..). I have had Elans race skis past and liked them alot. I'm wondering if Ripstick or Speedwave 12 are worth of testing? What do you think? Only problem with these is that it is hard to find them in the area where I live.
-Fischer amc76 - didn't like, maybe their race skis are better on piste but that is not what I'm looking for.
-Atomic m9 - too soft for me, a beginners carving ski?
-Atomic sx11- ok but didn't find anything special what my Head don't do.
-Rossignol Z9 - nice ski but both m11-b5 and Movement were even better.

My new skis have to be able to handle moderate speeds ie. between fast Gs-type turns on blacks when I'm skiing alone and easy family skiing when enjoying the hills with my kids and wife.

Price is not an issue because I'm not a gear freak who need new stuff every year. I'm ready to invest on these because they will be my primary skis for next 2-3 seasons.


btw. my boots are bootfitted Salomon x-wave10. I know that they are not the best option for real skiers but after heavy testing they were definately the nicest.
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