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Unfortunatly that is the american people in general. Not just CO.
Just look at voter turnout nation wide or All the SUV's being driven as single person commute cars and then listen to all the people complain about the price of gas. SUV's and trucks have their place but as a commute car, 50 miles each way and only the driver.. come on..
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Good to hear others thinking this way. We're literally killing ourselves. The land is being ruined, natural resources are being wasted, children don't have role models.

Keep talking about it - yell and shout about it. Maybe one of these days we'll get some decent leadership...
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See that new Audi diesel gets 78mpg with decent performance? Might not make it over here though.
See NYC's not so bad, we move millions each day with no cars. Still people will bitch and moan about cents per gallon for mass transit tax. Hey, maybe we should send about 5 million to CO to even out the population.
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Welcome to the new reality, just one simple symptom of the dissolve of society. Greed rules, money is the new god. And people will learn how wrong they are . . . in time. But unfortunately by that time they may well have destroyed the rest of us along with themselves.

Materialism, the trap that everybody thinks they can escape . . . and nobody does.
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Unless you're in grad school for something ivory towerish...
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A funny story about "Kindness in Colorado".
Last November, Mark was at a Java conference at Keystone. You may recall, he ended up getting serious altitude sickness. When I flew out that weekend, I was wary of the same thing happening to me.
So I had a huge bottle of water with me.

On the shuttle form DIA, I was chatting with some people. I told them that I was from Ma., and that Mark was currently at Keystone, hooked up to oxygen tanks.

So, about every 5 minutes, someone reminded me to drink some more water. What they didn't tell me, was that due to the many stops the van had to make, the ride would be close to 2 hours! Owwww!

I'm not sure if this was kindness, or a good joke at my expense.

On a more serious note, in all the ski areas I've visited, I've never had as wonderful customer sevice as I did at Keystone. The skiers also, were far more courteous to each other than at other resorts.

Then again, I'm from the east, so my standards may be a bit different.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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A group of my friends just did the AIDS Ride, San Francisco-LA. They almost got "sacked" a couple of times because they were "riding too slow". It turns out the reason they were always at the end of the group was they were constantly stopping to help out other bikers that had equipment problems, flats.. etc..
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1) Get a AAA card - the best deal in town..
2) Get some jumper cables , keep them w/ the spare
If I was there, I would be glad to jump you w/my cables I carry, most peeps don't have them -
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Pro's in any field are always there to help a stranded motorist or a skier/rider that is down. That's the diference.
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