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Vail Pic in SKI Mag - Page 2

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We Needa good Colorado vs Utah food fight to work out some of these summer kinks.
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The food in Colorado sucks compared to Utah! Take that.

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As someone who has skied Vail I would like to chime in.

First, Vail does not have the super steep terrain needed to scare an advanced skier and get the adrenaline pumping. But, that is not why you go to Vail.

I personally LOVE Vail. Is it the most challenging terrain? No, but it is a hell of a good time on a powder day. There is just so much terrain. For me Vail is a peaceful skiing experience. You can go to Vail with a carefree attitude and just cruise. I love the tree skiing there back in the Basin. It is so unique. The trees are are far enough apart that you can just fly down the mountain and relax. For me that is the difference.

When I want a challenge and I want to get my heart pumping, I don't go to Vail. When it is a beutiful blue bird day and fresh snow on the ground and I just want to get out and relax after a hard week at work and be mellow....that is Vail time.

It has its place and I will ski it at least once a month during the season when I just want to unwind.

All hail the Great Vail and the days of peace you give me.
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i've never not enjoyed great big open bowls of fresh snow that are steep enough to let gravity play, and that will never change.
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Gretch6364 - couldn't agree more!

Vail is a great place for some mellow skiing. Not much to scare the pants off you, but enough to entertain for a long time. And I love seeing the dropped-jaw looks on the faces of my friends who've skied "regular"-sized ski areas (especially from the East Coast) when they stand at Patrol Headquarters and see the back bowls for the first time on a bluebird day.

The bowls are just tempting enough to get intermediates to try them. This past season I got several of my intermediate friends to try many firsts at Vail: their first black (Headwall in Sun Up Bowl), off-piste (everywhere on the back side), trees (in BSB; although it is kind of a stretch to call BSB tree-skiing, it is a good intro to it -- they ended up doing "proper" trees later on), jumps (in BSB), and small moguls (under Earl's Express in BSB).
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Originally Posted by ryan View Post
i've never not enjoyed great big open bowls of fresh snow that are steep enough to let gravity play, and that will never change.
Vail is plenty steep to surf the pow :Seldom, Sun Down, China Bowl, Tea Cup etc..you will not have to staightline unless you want to So give it a try Ryan
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I think the picture of the front side from the Gore Range is awesome and in no way is meant to claim Vail is steep. In fact who cares? Not everyone likes to pound 40 degree slopes all day long. The comparisons to Alta and Squaw don't give a hoot to the people who love Vail if nothing other than to experience it's vastness and a little wide open bowl skiing, even at the expense of the long runouts at the bottom. I ski Vail cause I happen to like the place. Especially on a mid week powder day and walking through town hitting the bars and shops on the way to the parking garage.

It's not even Winter yet and everyone is on this Colorado vrs.Utah stuff.
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Originally Posted by icanseeformiles(andmiles) View Post
Guess now I'll have to look at the Ski magazine for the ad. Did you shoot it?..
Yep. Funny thing is that the track in the shot in the WP ad is from the skier in my shot in this months powder.
Finally got my complimentary copy of [i]Ski[i]. Nice shot, mbs!!!
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Back to the pic..

that is an awesome shot. Had to go back and find it from the discussion here.
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