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It's not fair :(

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I was looking on some Japanese sites...it's not fair...skis hardgoods are so cheap over there :|
Marker Comp 1400 piston control -> $175
Salomon S912 Ti Pe2 -> $160
Salomon AK Rocket Pilot -> $600

etc etc etc...all of these are this season's identical to the items sold in the US :| some cheaper than even pro-forming the stuff not fair

anyways...my rant for today

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A Mello trip to Canada would make you feel better. You can buy gear there for about 50% off U.S. prices. I have also noticed a few good ski areas there too! Now if we could just find some decent airfares from the U.S. to Canada, we could add a happy ending to your rant. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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If those prices you quoted were in US$, they don't sound that great. If you come through Vancouver (or maybe Calgary) on your way to a ski destination, stop in at Sport Mart, Sport Chek, or Mad Dogs, and they should be able to do a little better.
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Yeah, $600 US is about $1150 AUD. Yuck!
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JR, any good places within a few miles of the airport in Vancouver? Just wondering as I may have some spare time when I pass through in Dec. and Jan. Thanks, skidoc
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Those are similar prices to here in the UK.


P.S. Did I tell you about the great deal I got on my Technica Icon Alu Comps? If they don't fit me as well as the non-Comp version, I guess I may have them for sale. You could pick up a brand new pair of boots for well below the US price.
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Skidoc: there is a Sportchek store in Richmond, the municipality the airport is within. I don't go there often, so am not sure of the location. Phone number is 604-231-9610.

Hmm... prices are lower than the US in Japan, Canada, UK... I think American skiers need to have a little talk with their retailers!
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...Or, alternatively, I could bring a few things out with me from the UK...

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Find a ski shop in Europe. A lot of times their prices are cheap enough to save hundreds, plus you don't pay sales tax. I bought a pair of Volkl Explosive's, shipped to my door for $445, brand new, this years model.
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