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DH skis q's

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So the last time I raced DH was way back in December ’95 - sold my DH skis (217cm Atomic from the 03-04 season) the next year since I wasn’t doing any speed events (besides the occassional Master’s sg that was really more like a fast gs), and all my coaching was at the collegiate level (from which the NCAA removed DH even before SG came into existence).

Now I’m thinking about entering a few fast easy straight DH races (e.g., Whiteface USSA, maybe Ragged & Jay Peak citizens races) in addition to the usual sl/gs mix. This would just be for the fun of going fast and also doing it with some guys I used to coach many years ago - so I don’t care about doing well, although I don’t want something my Dobermanns would be ashamed to be on top of.

I weigh only 145 lbs., and have been kind of wimpy with my race skis recently, going with only chick-legal lengths (currently 157 SL & 176 GS). The men’s DH rules for this past season were min 215cm/45m, with USSA DH allowing SG skis, which are at min 200cm/33mm. Seems like the upcoming rule changes will not affect speed events:

I’m thinking these would be an okay compromise for me at 209cm/33m:

...or these for $10 more with the real race stock plate:

Any feedback would be most welcome, thanks!
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Seems like the race stock plate would only stiffen the ski and make it harder to bend (aside from perhaps giving you a little more lift, I guess?).

Anyway, at your weight I would think the standard plate would be plenty.

Either one looks like a lot of fun, though.
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According to Atomicman, the world cup plate is softer than the regular plate, although that may only apply to the one with aluminum. I know that my 50/40 201's with regular plates are pretty stiff compared to some 51/41 201's that had world cup plates, so some of that definitely could have been from the plates.

Here is the thread: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...orld+cup+plate
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Despite your weight I would go with the black plate skis... I have skied Atomic race stock skis with both plates and prefer the more round flex that the black plate offers. I have never really been a fan of the retail level Atomic race plates... even the aluminum ones...
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For your size...

...and what you're going to be doing, I think a 209 would be okay, but it's a pretty big ski. I think something around a 201/204 is going to be a little more user-friendly, and it'll still be plenty stable and fast. For turny Masters DHs that are basically open Super Gs, I have two pairs of Atomic 204s, same year, same construction as you are looking at. For the real thing, I have a pair of 212s...and I've barely skied on them yet, because they are for a very open course, which I haven't gotten into yet....
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Originally Posted by Jonathan Shefftz View Post
So the last time I raced DH was way back in December ’95 - sold my DH skis (217cm Atomic from the 03-04 season) the next year...

Kind of Back to the Future? :

No wonder you're so fast!
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Yes, back when I was a professional race coach at the NCAA level I could get not only next year's gear but the next *decades's* gear.
Okay, so I meant to write the 93-94 season...

I also now realize I've been away from speed events for so long that the NYSEF DH races have been moved from Whiteface to Gore.

Anyway, thanks for everyone's feedback. Right now I'm leaning toward spending the extra $10 for the race stock plate. The 209cm length sounds bearable although less than ideal for USSA masters sg races, but should be fine for the three open/non-USSA speed events in New England (i.e., Ragged, Jay, plus the new Stratton event that I forgot to mention in my original post).
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I would buy the Aerospeed version, I think it was the following years model. I have the 210's and they are super fast, plus you can turn on a dime. Im 6' 3", about 210 and they scream. I actually bought from the same company on ebay, for about the same money. They are fast on the straights too. I clocked the 3rd highest speed at Jay 2 yrs ago with them. It could have been the martinis, but Im sure it was the ski.

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