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Glad you enjoyed the link.

Here's the forum site it came from. It may also be helpful to Legacy/Outback owners,
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Oh my god!  Hysterical

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Just my input, bought a 2001 Audi A4 quattro 5sp a couple of years ago. Put some Hankook I-Pike snow tires on it. The performance and traction are incredible, we had a 10+' snowstorm over night and I took it into a Walmart parking lot. I had no problem getting around pushing snow up over the hood plus all four wheels shooting rooster tails was amazing.
This gave me confidence last March going over Vail Pass (dinner in Breck, staying in BC) in a blizzard, I was the only car/suv/pu on the road (carefully) weaving around slow moving semis or jackknifed on the side of the road. Why the pass wasn't closed i have know idea.
I pefer to use this vehicle over my 4wd Chevy Silverado any day while on a snowy highway. Like others have said I use my truck for 4 wheeling or any place you need hi-ground clearance and the car for quick access to the ski areas.
I would like to check out the subaru awd system for comparision, can't really afford a new Audi but I want the same kind of winter performance and looking at that option. Anyone have an experience on both...
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My friend bought her 98 A4 1.8T shortly have I bought my 98 Legacy GT Wagon. She paid $6000. more for it then I paid.

One month later she said I got more car, but it didn't have the German car feel. I will say she kept the A4 until 2005 when a accident totaled it, she was not hurt. She replaced it with a 2005 Outback. She doesn't miss the repair bills of the German car feel.

A few other ski friends now have Legacy's or Outbacks because of mine. When they asked me why I bought one, I say look at what most of the locals in VT drive. It was a pretty easy choice.
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I had a '96 Outback and now drive an '06 RAV4 V6.
I gave up on the Outback after the redesign left me very uncomfortable in the driver's seat. I test drove a Forester with a turbo 4 that was supposed to be quick, but it felt less than inspiring to me on my test drive (maybe because it was an auto...I'm stuck with that so my wife can drive my car when needed). I also didn't like the big lump in the middle of the Forester's back seat, because that was where we wanted our daughter to sit, for safety. A WRX probably would have been fun, but too small.
The RAV4 scoots around nicely with its 270HP and I enjoy it immensely, but it is not as secure in winter driving as my Outback was. It's good enough, but I would recommend an Outback if driving in bad conditions is your #1 concern.

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AWD is far superior to 4wd. If this is for inclimate weather travel, then the Subbie, BMW or Audi is the only way to go. For winter travel, the subbie give you heated windshield and other winter goodies the others don't. Given the price point, why would you even consider the RAV over the Subaru Outback? The Outback, especially right now is a steal. 2,000 back plus dealer cuts. PHIL- Sell this guy a subbie and make his day!
Are you saying that the prices on these comparisons are similar? A BMW, an Audi and a RAV 4? I wouild rather have an Audi over a RAV 4.

The reason to consider a RAV over a Subaru Outback is AWD vs 4WD, but if the price is the same, hell get the Outback.
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Having had several Subarus (Impreza RS, Impreza WRX, and now Legacy GT) I am totally sold on them. That being said, we also just picked up a 2006 Audi A4 Quattro. Every weekend to the hill made AWD a no-brainer. We looked at both the Audi and the BMW, and felt that the BMW wasn't all it was hyped up to be, and the A4 was every bit as good and better in some aspects. The thing that really made me think is that I had always thought that these cars were significantly better than a Subaru and was I ever wrong. My Legacy GT has every option that these cars have (except Nav), handles better (IMHO), accelerates better. It is noiser, and the interior less polished, but it is also 10K less brand new.
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