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Campbell Balancing

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Does anyone besides Steve Bagley in Snowbird and Louis Rosenfeld in Calgary use a Campbell Balancer? I had no idea until I googled that it was that rare.
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We at Vertical Drop in Chicago still have the service available. I use it more to check what i have done to the balance in the boot than I do to move bindings on skiis. Most of the new binding systems can be a problem to accuratly balance. With the better flex in skiis and better understanding of boot balancing it has become a dust collector in most shops. Harry Campbell had a great answer to bad skiis in the 80's.
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Lu has some articals over on biglines if you look around.

The balance thing is a tool that can help some people, but if you just use that you are not looking at the big picture. Ski flex is a big part too, and more so for softer snow without a base to carve on. I like demo bindings so I can find the center of the ski that I like.
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