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Cheap Trip for Single?

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To make a long story short I am a single widower and have nobody around my area in PA that I know that likes to ski.

I have been wanting to take a trip out West this winter for skiing and a look at the "special deals" tell me they are not so special if you travel alone. All the quoted prices have an asterik next to them that says "based on double occupancy".

Does anyone know of the best rates or deals that can be found for a single traveler/skier? Anywhere out West from CO to Utah to Canada.

Thank you for any info or replies.
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Paul there's always the EpicSki Academy in Aspen. You'll get a room share there.
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Go to Alta and stay in the dorm at the Peruvian.
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Salt Lake City! Stay in town and average roughly $50 per day for lifts between Alta/Snowbird, Brighton/Solitude and Snowbasin/Powder Mountain.

Rent a front wheel drive econo car with a ski rack and be on your way.

Stay in Midvale at the Extended Stay for $275 a week.

If you can find airfare in the $250/350 range you can do the trip for around $1500 including spending money and there are many people on this forum that you can potentially ski with. Just post in the "Meet On The Hill Planning" section of this forum.

Also free day of arrival skiing if you catch an early flight at the Park City areas(last season at least).
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Thanks for the info guys. I was looking at Utah but all the resorts have the same deal. I will check out the cities to see how cheap I can find lodging.

Wear the Fox Hat...I believe I am too old for the EpicSki academy sessions. I just got back into skiing after 10 years away and am in my late 50's. My first time on parabolic skis was last year. I would have trouble keeping up with all you young whipper snappers.
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I think you will find that a lot of us here on epicski are in our 50's.
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I agree with the SLC suggestion. You can't beat how cheap it is staying in the valley with the convenience of so many great areas within an hour.

What area of PA are you in? There seems to be a lot of us on epic from all areas of the state.
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Another vote for Utah. SLC can be super cheap, especially in the suburbs outside of the city. Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, and Solitude are all very cheaply priced lift ticket wise and easy to get to.
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Paul, don't know where in PA your from, but if you live near Philly or Burgh get a Southwest Ding fare (only have them out til Oct now so you'll have to wait to book air until around Oct) and head to SLC early season. Use someone like Canyon Transportation from the airport and head up Little Cottonwood.

Stay at the Snowpine and ski at Alta or ante up for the Alta/Snowbird pass. Just Alta will run you about $115 a night. This will include your lodging, lift ticket, breakfast, and a 4 course dinner. By far the sweetest deal I have taken as a single on an out west excursion.

I may be doing it again this Dec, but I'm also looking to drive up to Targhee for a couple days.
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Originally Posted by PaulR View Post
Wear the Fox Hat...I believe I am too old for the EpicSki academy sessions. I just got back into skiing after 10 years away and am in my late 50's. My first time on parabolic skis was last year. I would have trouble keeping up with all you young whipper snappers.
I doubt it, and from experience you certainly wouldn't be the oldest there!

Take a look here...

Not only would you avoid the dreaded single supplement, but you'll get to ski with a bunch of us, and have lessons too!
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If you prefer to travel alone do the suggestions for Alta, Utah and choose the single (shared dorm) option at one of several lodges there. You'll get meals and probably meet nice people your age.
But if you're more social the epic ski trip or a trip with a ski club at a city near you is the best way to meet more people. There are usually a lot of 50somethings in ski clubs.
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well, let me first say that utah would probably be my first choice; but i dont know it as well as tahoe; so i'll just give you how to do tahoe as an cheap option.

tahoe is really cheap. to do tahoe cheap; i would:
-fly southwest or jetblue to reno.
-take to south lake tahoe - times all day + $40 round trip.
-cheap rooms 40 and up across from heavenly gondola, roomsintahoe-CHEAP, travelodge-next step up.
-there are free daily shuttles to squaw(shuttle to alpine), kirkwood and sierra.

i would think you can do something similar in utah, but i hadnt figured it out yet.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat View Post
I doubt it, and from experience you certainly wouldn't be the oldest there!

Take a look here...

Not only would you avoid the dreaded single supplement, but you'll get to ski with a bunch of us, and have lessons too!
Thanks for the info and invite..

I will be skiing with you guys or behind you? I am serious when I say I havent skied in 10 years until last season. Using the ski lingo of today a sick line for me is cruising a wide open green trail and hucking a big one is unloading from the chair lift without falling down. I enjoy skiing and used to 'rip' on straight skis but today I am starting to feel my age a bit and am more reserved and cautious than I was when I was younger. I enjoy being outdoors, taking in the mountain scenery and fresh air and skiing allows me to do that.
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cGibbs and Ski3PO..I am in Erie, home hill is Peak N Peak in NY. I also went to Holiday Valley last year a couple times.
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Ski Trips as a Single


Another possibility. North Shore Tahoe, look up Tahoe Biltmore Casino and Hotel on internet and check their rates etc. Room rate doesn't matter if you're double occupancy. Motel is out back, good clean rooms next to where you'll park if have car. Hotel inside. Fly into reno, you're 40 min to the Biltmore via. Mt. Rose Hwy. Shuttle to almost all N Tahoe resorts, including Dia Peak, Northstar, Squaw, Alpine. Really best way to go is rent car but if you're on a real budget can shuttle it. Also hotel rates at the Biltmore include breakfast. Has a good restaurant with nightly specials, i.e., steak 5.95, all you can eat sphagetti 3.99 etc. etc. Good place to go on a budget etc. If you decide on this let me know and I can recommend skiing and dining etc. I know l Live in idaho but lived in Penryn Calif for 35 yrs and skied Tahoe 60-75 days a year. Good luck have a great winter.
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U.S. ski council/club directory - PA/OH

You may wish to consider joining a ski club and going on a ski club/ski council trip.

You will have folks to ski & party with and avoid the single supplement if you are willing to share a room with someone on the ski trip.

Sometimes ski clubs belong to multiple ski councils so check with your local ski club for more details. If your local club/council doesn't have the trips you are looking for, often you can join another club/council in another area.

There is a U.S. ski council/club directory at

Click on the section of the map in your geographic area. Select the local snow sports council that you are interested in and go to the local snow sports council website to find more information/links about local snow sports clubs, trips, benefits, racing, lift ticket & other discounts, safety education, community, philanthropy and other year-round activities.

There is a Western PA Ski Council I also noticed that the Eastern PA Ski Council and the Cleveland Metro Ski Council have a number of ski trips out west for 2006-2007.

Based on the council website listings, I think Erie Ski Club belongs to both Cleveland Metro Ski Council and Western PA Ski Council.

Let us know how your search goes and what club you end up joining.
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Here are some other ideas.

There is always The best plywood hotel in the west. The don't have any **** next to the HostelX room price. Location location location. HostelX in Teton Village is only 100 yards from the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort lifts. Great community sunken living room at the HostelX to chat with fellow skiers.

You can fly into Salt Lake City and ski Alta/Snowbird/Powder for a few days.... then take a shuttle from Salt Lake City airport to Jackson Hole, ski Jackson Hole for a few days and then fly back home from Jackson Hole airport. After 3 days of skiing you may need a rest day which will be the shuttle ride north to Jackson Hole.
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seconding ski03,

i'd check into any ski clubs around. they always have group rates and usually stay at great hotels. mine seems to save 15 to 25% on what i would by doing it on the cheap by myself.
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You might check the package rates here.
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ESA has groups of RAW beginners. You sound like you'd at least be in the second group. Hell - you can even spell "shaped" correctly.

I've done single trips for eons. If you go in December or late March/April, you'll have no trouble finding cheap rooms anywhere, except maybe through central reservations at a resort. Forget the package deals from the vacation experts. Pick a resort, then let the Internet search engines find a room for you. The quotes will be for one person. Make your own package.

At any time during the season, you can get Motel 6 type rooms in Murray (Salt Lake) for under/about $50/night and suite type rooms for about 75. Resorts like Jackson and Steamboat also have cheaper "town" locations that won't snub singles and run shuttles to the base villages. In Summit County you can stay in Dillon, Silverthorne or Frisco in Holiday Inn/Super 8 type places. Even Whistler has cheapo off mountain places to stay. Bed and Breakfasts another alternative. Hostels have already been mentioned. They often accept geezers like us when they are not full and the kids are often fascinated by old people that are still able to move without passing gas.

Second tier resorts like Fernie, BC; Schweitzer, ID and Big Mountain, MT are more difficult to get to, but have prices low enough to more than offset the cost of a rental car to get you there and back.

My first recommendation for you would be to go to Summit County (Keystone, A basin, Breckenridge, Copper). You'd have a huge variety of terrain to choose from, you can easily get shuttles from the Denver Airport, the inter-resort and town/village shuttles are outstanding, and you can score reasonable room rates ($70) with a little effort.

My second recommendation would be Salt Lake/stay in Murray ($60/night), ski the Cottonwood Canyon resorts (Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude). Easier access from the airport, better snow, slightly less beginner terrain, regular bus service instead of resort shuttles.

At either of these two locations, you can get discount lift tickets through the hotel or at a local grocery store. Just ask when you make your reservation.

After you've tasted those kinds of trips, you'll either be ready for the more adventurous second tier resort experience or you'll have found a travel companion.
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What are the dates you have in mind. Early December (before 20th), early January (until MLK), and late March/early April are the "deal" times. Also, many places have very low lift rates if you buy before x dates.

I'm almost 52....
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Paul - I just placed a post on a group trip I am running to Panoram-Fernie next March. You are welcome to join us and if interested, I can check into getting a flight for you from an airport more convient then Boston or Toronto. Email me if interested or want to learn more.

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