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Questions for Canadians...

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We made a mistake last year and went to Tramblault during one of the Canadian School breaks. This year we are thinking about Wistler the week of 3/6.. Are we safe that week?
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It is best to avoid school break if you can.

Try to find out when is school break in BC. As far as I understand (remember that I have no kids), school break occurs at different times in different provinces. I am sure that Quebec and Ontario do not have school break at the same time.

Perhaps someone from BC can help?
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Spring Break for Vancouver public schools is from March 13th to March 21st 2004. Generally, the private schools go an extra week after, but with easter being so close might be before. Either way, private schools don't have the huge enrollment that the public system has.

Vancouver School Board

Whistler Blackcomb

Link to the events calendar to see what is happening while you're at W-B
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Thanks for the quick responce. It is NOT set that we are goin there, we are jsut trying to get our ducks... err geese in a row.
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