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Dr. Fixit

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Many golf courses, particularly those getting ready to host major tour events, often call in 'fix-it' designers to help reshape/redesign the course to make it more challenging,playable, or just to make the course better for the current technology of the game of golf today.

If you were called into one of your favorite ski areas (or maybe not so favorite ski area) and asked to redesign it, what changes would you make (and why)?

I'll start with a simple example from my usual mountain spot: Copper Mountain. I'd change the Alpine chair to a high speed quad and have it go to the top of the Resolution lift. I'd add a chair that would run from the mid-point of Coppertone back up above the top of the Eagle so you didn't have to ski to the bottom in order to go from one side of the mountain to the other. Actually, I think Copper has some of these changes already in the plans.
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Either relocate chair 23 at Mammoth to the bottom of Paranoid Flats, or put in a chair linking the 2 points. I think this would cut down on the 2000 traverse tracks that often ruin the bowls.

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I'd allow the ski school instructors to ride the poma to the top of the Ridge (to carry students' skis, of course). :
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